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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

two person getting intimate☆

today im doing the private photo shoot again、

during the waiting time

i had an intimate time with my manger Mari-chan(laugh)

i stepped on her foot

and took pictures of Mari-chan from all angles

from certain angles


looked alittle like a guy isn't she

i can't stop laughing(laugh)

very soon

i maybe able

to tell you about

this private shoot

before the day i can tell you

please wait for it~

ami's intuition fortune telling

『Aquarius→ becareful of eating too much icecream』

today is my first time


『YellowTail Teriyaki』

as i seldom cook fish dishes、

i did wrote down when is the season to get yellowtail

when i last visited the market

so i selected it this time

it is quite difficult as it is my first time cooking it
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