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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

unless fashion

the one who slept too much

and sprained her neck

its Tokito(laugh)

as there are alot of questions

i will try to answer them

〈which seaon do you like?〉

summer as there are alot of events

〈what is your favourite instant noodle?〉

i like be young yakisoba (ペヤング)

〈any plans for the next picture book?〉

none yet
but、i like doing gravure so i hope there is one soon

〈did you got drunk before?any recommendation for drinks? 〉

as for getting drunk、i wonder if i ever drank that much alcohol(laugh)
my recommendation shoule be『Red blue walker』

〈do you have more spectacles with lense or without?is Laue only for mail order?〉

other than for photoshoot i should have more spectacles with lense
Laue is only for mail order, i really want to order some

〈what is your favourite stall during festivals?〉

『Sui gyoza』and『shooting games』and
『water ballons』ー

〈what do you like and dislike about hospital?〉

i like the caring staffs but dislike about being nervious in it

〈where do you buy your clothings?〉

usually in shibuya

〈what is your favourite sport?you like western or japanese style better?〉

i love basketball
chinese style Chinjaorosu is the best

〈who is you like?will you marry an ordinary guy?〉

i dont have anyone i like(laugh)
it doesnt matter ordinary guy or not as long as i like that person

〈where do you feel like going now?〉

after april←somehow(laugh)

〈what do you think about your fans?〉

they are indispensable to me

〈do you burst out laughing when tickled?〉

i do(laugh)
the order is side→leg→side

〈what is your specialty dish?〉

hamburger and tonjiru

〈which brand of bag do you own?〉

『Jupiter&Juno』『サマンサ』『Pinky&Dianne』、given by my mother are『ヴィトン』『シャネル』

〈given a 24hour dream what will it be?〉

to be able to teleport so that i can meet all my friends

〈did you watched 『COACH』 in the cinema yet?〉

havent yet

〈just you ever do a father joke using your glasses?〉

anyway、im not a dad(laugh)

〈do you watch the news?what is your favourite show?〉

although i seldom watch tv、but i do watch the news
i like shows with comedians

〈other then fish what else did you catch?〉

Psychological Testing
Garbage bags

〈where do you want to travel to where you have never travel before?〉


〈which female talent do you think looks good in glasses?〉

this is hard(laugh)

〈what is the maximum amount you have ever drank?〉

i don't know as i cant recall it(laugh)

〈which wax do you use?〉

i don't own any wax(laugh)

〈what will your future lifestyle be like?〉

always remain youthful、a wife who is proud of her husband and children

〈what kind of hairstyle do you want to try?〉

getting it longer

for now i will end here

there are still alot of questions to answer


i went to the hospital

i didnt catch the influenza

most likely、

i got it from my niece

its just normal fever

to those who

was worried for me

thank you very much

although im in my pajamas

i tried to look alittle trendy

i wore a ribbon

its so cute(laugh)

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