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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

unless fashion

the one who slept too much

and sprained her neck

its Tokito(laugh)

as there are alot of questions

i will try to answer them

〈which seaon do you like?〉

summer as there are alot of events

〈what is your favourite instant noodle?〉

i like be young yakisoba (ペヤング)

〈any plans for the next picture book?〉

none yet
but、i like doing gravure so i hope there is one soon

〈did you got drunk before?any recommendation for drinks? 〉

as for getting drunk、i wonder if i ever drank that much alcohol(laugh)
my recommendation shoule be『Red blue walker』

〈do you have more spectacles with lense or without?is Laue only for mail order?〉

other than for photoshoot i should have more spectacles with lense
Laue is only for mail order, i really want to order some

〈what is your favourite stall during festivals?〉

『Sui gyoza』and『shooting games』and
『water ballons』ー

〈what do you like and dislike about hospital?〉

i like the caring staffs but dislike about being nervious in it

〈where do you buy your clothings?〉

usually in shibuya

〈what is your favourite sport?you like western or japanese style better?〉

i love basketball
chinese style Chinjaorosu is the best

〈who is you like?will you marry an ordinary guy?〉

i dont have anyone i like(laugh)
it doesnt matter ordinary guy or not as long as i like that person

〈where do you feel like going now?〉

after april←somehow(laugh)

〈what do you think about your fans?〉

they are indispensable to me

〈do you burst out laughing when tickled?〉

i do(laugh)
the order is side→leg→side

〈what is your specialty dish?〉

hamburger and tonjiru

〈which brand of bag do you own?〉

『Jupiter&Juno』『サマンサ』『Pinky&Dianne』、given by my mother are『ヴィトン』『シャネル』

〈given a 24hour dream what will it be?〉

to be able to teleport so that i can meet all my friends

〈did you watched 『COACH』 in the cinema yet?〉

havent yet

〈just you ever do a father joke using your glasses?〉

anyway、im not a dad(laugh)

〈do you watch the news?what is your favourite show?〉

although i seldom watch tv、but i do watch the news
i like shows with comedians

〈other then fish what else did you catch?〉

Psychological Testing
Garbage bags

〈where do you want to travel to where you have never travel before?〉


〈which female talent do you think looks good in glasses?〉

this is hard(laugh)

〈what is the maximum amount you have ever drank?〉

i don't know as i cant recall it(laugh)

〈which wax do you use?〉

i don't own any wax(laugh)

〈what will your future lifestyle be like?〉

always remain youthful、a wife who is proud of her husband and children

〈what kind of hairstyle do you want to try?〉

getting it longer

for now i will end here

there are still alot of questions to answer


i went to the hospital

i didnt catch the influenza

most likely、

i got it from my niece

its just normal fever

to those who

was worried for me

thank you very much

although im in my pajamas

i tried to look alittle trendy

i wore a ribbon

its so cute(laugh)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

recruitment questions

My Replies

〈are you good in rock scissor paper?〉

if i use my heart i can beat 5 out of 7 people
but、i am weak if i played normally?

can't be helped

im getting very warm

as i had went to the hospital

i planned to get well by tomorrow(laugh)

in order for me to get well soon

tomorrow im going to just sleep the entire day

as its boring

lets try some recruitment questionsッ

while in my bed

let do some of them

its fairly trival

do look forward to the questions

as i havent done it before、

i have cooked it

as i always wanted to eat it

it is 『chicken and shank cream pasta』

as my sense of smell is going bad

i cant tell the taste…(laugh)

it should taste delicious i think

speaking of which

im going to write down what i made for valentine's day

for this year

it is

『strawberry cookies』and『fondant chocolate』

i have tried it myself、

and its really delicious

sorry i didnt take any photos

please control yourself Mari-chan(laugh)

Monday, February 15, 2010

its been long since i last tasted spicy food


it has been a long time since i last caught a cold

its spicy

eating onions and garlics

as i had taken my medicine

i should be healed tomorrow

hope i get well


and then、

although there may be people who had already seen it、

last week and this week's


im in the press

with who?

that you have to

check out

this week's 『FRIDAY』

ami's intuition fortune telling

『Aries→ you will feel like falling during a climb』

and lastly today's Mari-chan

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Joe Tour☆2010

Happy Valentine's Day

did you have a great day?

i had a fantastic day

Pachinko Slot『Atashi no Joe』Cheer Leader(self proclaim)and

together with MC hanabankai-san

meeting everyone

for the Joe Tour

first is with HAP'1 Kitatoda

with my face on the entrance

we had alot of talk

the employees

Second HAP'1 was at Nishiurakazu

i was on the entire entrance

alot of children came on to the stage here

the employees

lastly was at marukin kashiwa

alot of girls came too

the employees

we had rock scissor paper competition at the stores、

my DVDs

photos & KitKat with my written messages were given as prizes

the Pachinko Slot 『Ashita no Joe』 is popular

in all the stores

im so happy for it

hope that

i can do another Joe Tour

for those who came to support

and to the store employees

thank you very much

and later、

its the long awaited valentine's day

the strawberry cookies

that i made yesterday

were given out to everyone




all the staffs

the wonderfull people from HAP'1 Nishiurakazu store

how many did you guys received!?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

please tell me☆

the 5hours live broadcast

at harajuku's rotteria satellite studio today

was fun

those who came

in the coldness

thank you very much

as it was Nezucchi-san's off day

its my first time with Kiso-san

thought its our first time、

5 hours

when pass rather quickly

it was fun

i felt i was defeated in the talk

will the regular members get to gather back together next week!?

stay tune

i got valentine chocolate

1 day earlier from Mari-chan

the men must be

getting excited over tomorrow right

do tell me how many chocolate you receive okay

for the girls

are you good at confessing to the guys、

how many chocolate will you be getting back?

do tell me okay

its not intuition fortune telling、

today we have Mari-chan

so funny(laugh)

Friday, February 12, 2010


Tokito-san、can't sit still(laugh)

by Manager

Sudden update!!


aminii no imotou-san
〈what are you watching while you are cooking?〉

books or my cell phone
i used to play my DS

〈what is your DS's color?〉

its pink
i used it while playing 『リズム天国』

im doing private shoot again

as there were waiting time

im going to update my blog now

im going to play with


Mari looking cool sitting down

although she was making faces at the stove、

it got cut away

actually she was making such a face

Mari who is sleeping beside me now has gotten hungry

did you enjoy it!?

ami's intuition fortune telling

『Virgo→ you will become lucky by wearing pink』

that is today's update

superficial isn't it

Thursday, February 11, 2010

single message blog

my elder sister

created me

in her DS's 『tomodachi collection』(friend's collection)

does it look like me!?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

in the cover page☆

i went for the cover page photo shoot of

free magazine


of cause im also found inside the magazine

the clothes come from my good friend's company

its 『DEARA&Gabriel』

i have a matured theme hairstyle made

please look forward to it

ami's intuition fortune telling

『Cancer→ becareful when you walk as you may step on some gums』

there must be people thinking

how do i manage

to give the intuition fortune telling!?

actually i wrote down things that happened to the people around me

that is why、

im not lying

and so im accurate

its distinction(laugh)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

two person getting intimate☆

today im doing the private photo shoot again、

during the waiting time

i had an intimate time with my manger Mari-chan(laugh)

i stepped on her foot

and took pictures of Mari-chan from all angles

from certain angles


looked alittle like a guy isn't she

i can't stop laughing(laugh)

very soon

i maybe able

to tell you about

this private shoot

before the day i can tell you

please wait for it~

ami's intuition fortune telling

『Aquarius→ becareful of eating too much icecream』

today is my first time


『YellowTail Teriyaki』

as i seldom cook fish dishes、

i did wrote down when is the season to get yellowtail

when i last visited the market

so i selected it this time

it is quite difficult as it is my first time cooking it

Monday, February 8, 2010

OFF Shot ☆


〈how do you get your energy when you are under stress?〉

listen to music、talk to somebody
if its really difficult、just cry

〈teach me how to take care of my skin!〉

i don't really pay much attention to my skin(laugh)
i use 『Aqua Label』's cleanser and cream、

for body is using body cream
for today i used 『HugMe』

as for the rest
like cosmetics i will upload them later ok

There are still some OFF shot from

the film 『COACH』

i will show you guys only a little bit of it

this is probably

during the choreography

although i can do it on normal ground

but on ice

its really


although i did ice skate before

i can't remember the choreography

im going to watch this film

ami's intution fortune telling

『Taurus→ you may get a phone call from someone you like』

i had a meal with my friend's friends

as we were chatting away

in a flash

its the last train

1day 24hours

is really short isn't it

from the picture

Yu who is on the top right also has a blog

do visit it ok

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