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Sunday, September 30, 2007

i've read it♪

today i will be talking about a book that i had just read called 「I LOVE YOU」

it's a compilation of various stories about LOVE,
my favourite story is
ISHIDA IRA's 「The Magic Button」(o^-^o)

although it's about an ordinary young couple's love story,
it's about a very frank natured girl, slowly becoming more and more lady like
it is so cute in it's own way ☆(^^)

i'll try to read the other series too =^ェ^=

Saturday, September 29, 2007

☆body ring☆

i bought a body(piercing) ring♪

although it is a body ring,
but i used it as a normal ear ring instead (o^-^o)

it's so cute and shiny★

because autumn is coming, i've got to dress up more stylishly, don't ya think =^ェ^=

Friday, September 28, 2007


i bought a mama(mother) from tochigi☆

not just any mama but the limited edition tochigi's mama >^_^<


i wonder what is similar between my mama and a monchhichi (●^o^●)(laugh)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

somthing i always wanted☆

i received a present from the office's president (≧▽≦)

it's a portable DVD player ♪♪

it is something that i always wanted to have☆

it is just nice as my room has no television and i can bring it out during out-door filming (o^-’)b

it is very convenient because the player comes as an all-in-one-set (o^-^o)

dear president, thank you very much for the present ♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


went on a date with my mum☆

i've been thinking of buying a pair of boots since autumn is approaching (o^-’)b

it's still pretty warm now although autumn is coming (>д<)

eating ice-cream while shopping♪♪♪

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

☆Birthday Party☆

my sister and her friends created a birthday party for me during dinner♪

half way through dinner, the lights suddenly went out and a cake was brought out!!!

the restaurant staffs sang the HappyBirthday song to me (≧▽≦)

i was so happy★

later, the restaurant staff brought out a bottle of champagne as my birthday present☆

it is still sometime before i will get used to drinking alcoholic drinks
but with this, it felt like i had entered into the adult world (u_u)o〃♪

rare occasion!!

when i reached home, i surprised that my family bought a cake (@_@)

that's because my family don't really like cake, i was shocked that they bought it!!

but the cheese cake was really delicious(≧▽≦)

as the cheese didn't had a bad smell, i ate almost half the cake by myself =^ェ^=

there were only 2 candles placed on the cake ^^;(laugh)

☆twenty years old☆

i've just turned twenty years old♪

for those who had supported me and went through my teens together with me
it was a really blissful experience (o^-^o)

From today onwards, 「Adult ・ Tokito Ami」 will become more mature in various areas
For those who is supporting me
you will get to see more and more of my smiles (o^-’)b

please look forward to it☆

my first photo in my twenty!!!

This is added to those that were taken in Guam★

i'm quickly becoming an adult~♪♪(laugh)

Monday, September 24, 2007

thank you☆

when i reached home, there was a present on my bed(≧▽≦)

( the note writes: Happy 20th Birthday, the present is left here - from mama )
santa claus...???
nope, it was a birthday present from my mum★(laugh)

when i opened it, it was a really cute looking clothing together with a belt♪♪

thank you mum and dad☆

with this i will splendidly?? become an adult(^_-)

for a start, i will be more devoted/filial to my parents as much as possible☆

thank you (^・^)Chu♪

the day before my birthday!!!

my last work in my teens was
Cultural broadcast RECOMMEND live program!!& 「Pineapple Beauty」final broadcast♪

Pineapple Beauty had lasted for 1 and a half year☆

in the beginning i was really vexed as i'm only allowed to say whatever that were written in the script,
but as time went by, i was able to say whatever i think was interesting☆

i'm glad to receive alot of mails from the listeners,
it felt like my friends had increased★

those things that we had cultivated from「Pineapple Beauty」
we would like to keep utilizing it o(^-^)o

to RECOMMEND & Pineapple Beauty's staffs, K TARO-san,
and all the listeners!!!

thank you very much★

Please stay tune to「Pineapple Beauty 2」♪♪♪(laugh)


my last recording in my teens☆

but it's not for sale!!(>_<)

as the office was on holiday, there were only 2 staff left in there!

but they had already prepared my present(≧▽≦)

a pair of cool looking sunglasses☆

my collection of glasses had increase again(^^)

the other present had the words 「HappyBirthday」 and the Libra sign on it
it was a glass-slipper shaped bottle of sake(liquor)☆

it's so cute(o^-^o)

it's really true that you will receive alot of liquor on the twentieth birthday!!(laugh)

thank you guys★

Fan Club ☆ Event

For those who came to my fan club event 「aMi~zumento Party」!!!
thank you very much♪♪

it was the greatest, to be able to spend my last day in my teens with all of you★

i'm very happy to be able to receive so many presents,
but the one that made me the happiest was the presents in words

i was really oblivious of the surprise,
i'm touched by the blessing that all of you had gave me☆

i'm really fortunate!!!

i wasn't able to quickly make a reply then,
so from now with lots of time
i will try to repay all the blessing that all of you had gave me in various way o(^ヮ^)o

i LOVE everyone of you(≧▽≦)☆★☆

Sunday, September 23, 2007

my desired item ☆

i received a birthday present from the makeup artist
it was a HOTTOBYU-RA-(electric eye lash curler)(o^-’)b

i was overjoyed when i received it(*^^*)

i always think that my eye lashes is my only charm point...(laugh)

with this my eye lashes will get longer and curlier↑↑↑

it's been a long time ☆

during the filming of 「The elementary school student textbook quiz」show,
it's been a long time since i get to go on a show with ABEBE (≧▽≦)

We were so happy that we immediately hugged the moment we saw each other♪♪♪

please watch the show to see the results of the quiz >^_^<

the costume i wore today is really cute,
i managed to take a full-body photo to show you all★

the long sleeve gave a 'Fall'(season) feeling to it♪

Saturday, September 22, 2007

i'm touched☆

THE Possible and Canaria Club did a stage performance,
it was TSUNKU♂ THEATER fourth 「AHhh girl's choir~fragment of glory~」
and i went to watched it☆

the contents are suppose to be a secret……

everyone is doing their part,
especially the Possible, i can see that they are getting better★

everyone is saying something good about this performance,
its really great for ARAKEN-san!!!
i managed to talk to the person who wrote the script(≧▽≦)

this show protrays the fineness of the girls,
your eyes will not be able to move away from the performance(@_@)

by all means, go watched the show as everyone is really doing their best in the performance~♪♪♪

before the show start, i went to the back stage to check things out,
i kissed ROBIN's cheek and AKKYAN's lips (≧ε≦)(laugh)

it's really embarrassing (>_<)

but it's still good(*^^*)(laugh)


i participated in the 「nepleague」game show☆

answering the question during the real game show seems to be harder than when i did it while watching the game show on television(;_;)

but rememeber to watch the show because i did put in alot of effort trying to answer the questions♪

i really wished the cute skull-chan could check for me(^_-)★

Friday, September 21, 2007

the sun☆

after drying my futon(mattress),it smelled like the sun☆

i really liked this smell(≧▽≦)

i'll be sleeping soundly tonight☆★☆


together with AOYA YUUI-chan and the SUKETACHI,
we went to watch AOYAGI RUITO-san's 「FROGS」theater play☆

anyway, the dance was really great!!

all the performers' dance were so good, i'm kinda envy of them

they looked like they were really enjoying the dance★

it was really great to be able to watch this performance(o^-’)b

Thursday, September 20, 2007

birthday party☆

went out for dinner with my friends from hometown☆

we ate motsu nabe(hot pot),
out of the 6 of us, 3 are borned in september
the people from the shop made crepes just for us (≧▽≦)

after the HappyBirthday song, we blow out the candles together★

i'm so happy(>ε<)☆

i wonder how i should spend the next 5 days~>^_^<


tokito ami's「Second Live」had debutted(≧▽≦)

it's gonna be fun!!!

let's meet in there=^ェ^=

i'm using a cute avartar,
let's meet in the virtual world and start gossiping aroundへ(^-^)乂(^o^)ノ


my hair stylist
gave me a cat charm as my birthday present☆

i'm very delighted because the charm is very popular o(^ヮ^)o

i quickly put it on my bag♪

we talk entirely on cat's language meow(o^-’)b(laugh)

live broadcast☆

did you catched the live broadcast 「nama yaguchi」in Gyao??(^.^)

it's been a long time since i last met up with YAGUCHI-san, im so happy(≧▽≦)

after the filming ended,
all the performers and staffs celebrated my birthday for me,
we also had cake =^ェ^=

5 more days and i'll be 20 years old♪

but i don't really like to eat cakes
so i exchange it with SA-DA-ANDAGI- (fried fritters)★(laugh)

i'm so happy that everyone celebrated my birthday for me

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


the outdoor filming has ended☆

becky-san is really cute(●^o^●)
i'm falling in love♪♪

the KINGKONGs and RU-OOSHIBA-san are really kind to me,
this is the most enjoyable outdoor filming ever(o^-’)b

i'm so happy that i can mixed around with the children~☆

i'm returning back to tokyo(^.^)★

first appearance!!!!


my first appearance in niigata☆

i went for the show called 『TABEGORO MANMA!』

i got to meet the super cute becky-san whom i always wanted to meet, it was fun★

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

a new family member☆

a new family member will be joining us soon☆

that's because my cousin is pregnant(≧▽≦)

as the baby is going to be born soon, ]
i was able to meet up with my cousin and had a feel of her tummy today >^_^<

i can feel the baby moving inside her, it's so wonderful(o^-^o)

i wished for her baby to be healthly and cute, i can't wait★★

my house also had a new member added to it =^ェ^=

its my new hampster BLUE(^・^)Chu♪

my elder sister bought it as a birthday present for me☆

from now on, i must take good care of it☆

Monday, September 17, 2007


after finishing an event,
i decided to walk around akihabara as there is still some time before the next job starts~♪

there is a shop near here called bowlsballBB which i always go to,
but it is sad to know that the shop is moving away from here in a weeks time(+_+)

the shop owner is a very hospitable person,
with the shop gone, i think i will be feeling very lonely whenever i am eating shaved ice infront of the akihabara train station↓↓

this will be the last time i'll be eating in here, good bye(;_;)

later, i went to buy the printer that i always wanted☆

i always wanted to be able to print things from my house★

without a doubt, i bought the printer from ISHIMARU DENKI(o^-’)b

after this, i went to the newly opened DRAGONICE to queue for icecream☆

it's been a long time since i spent a fruitful day in akihabara♪♪

and so...!!!!

it has been decided!!

KAFUMIOU-chan who originated from china had been chosen☆

looking good in glasses, having good sense of style, she's a super cool younger sister(≧▽≦)

it will be fun doing live-concerts together, it's really a bless to have a new member joining the family★

everyone! lets have lots of fun doing our next live-concert★

for today☆

the results for the 2nd MEGANE MUSUME(spectacle girl) audition is out!!!

which girl will be chosen? it's so exciting o(^o^)o

will she be a younger sister? or an elder sister? (^^)

but before that, i'll be performing in a mini-live concert♪♪♪

don't you think everyone's tensions rising~↑↑↑↑↑

Sunday, September 16, 2007


the TOTORO dolls arranged here were bought yesterday, i played the dolls with my niece☆

the biggest one is mine,
the middle size and the smallest TOTORO dolls belongs to my niece >^_^<

my TOTORO comes with a sack in it
according to the story, acorns which were kept in the sack were given out as presents,
being a child,
my niece climbed into the sack^^;(laugh)

seeing that i quickly opened the sack to rescue her!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


tonight, it's been a long time since i last went out with Aoya Yuui-chan for a theater play☆

「SUKETACHI」joined us too
both Moriyama Eiji-san and Washio Noboru-san were in the play,
the play was *pnish's 「Secret Box」♪♪

having watched many plays by *pnish,
this was the one that i enjoyed the most(o^-’)b

the play dipicted about friendships and family loves, but there were many funny scenes in it too☆

they also used my favourite line「megane kira-n」 but in a different way though☆(laugh)

it was really enjoyable being able to meet up with this 3 person after a long time(≧▽≦)★


all the characters had been made into human size figures,awesome isn't it!!!

just by looking at the background sceneries will send you in awe, it just reminds you of the stories of the movies o(^ヮ^)o

together with my niece, we took a photo together with the super cute alive??? TOTORO(≧▽≦)

later, we went to make some TOTORO origami(paper foldings),

on the left was my elder sister's・centre was mine・right was my friend's all of our origamis looked horrible!!!(laugh)

we just burst into laugher when we saw neither one of our origamis were folded properly(@_@)(laugh)

i took a picture of my origami TOTORO together with the background scenery,
the face that i drew on the origami makes it looked even worst( ̄▽ ̄)

i don't possess the talent for drawing ~↓↓

after seeing all the display, we had to wait 80 minutes before we could reach home!!!

it was really great that we went there♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

finally i got to go there☆

i am very excited since this morning because i'm about to go to 「Kazuo Oga's exhibition」☆

Studio Ghibli had produced many works,
but the movies that i love the most are 「TOTORO」,「Kiki's Delivery Service」 and 「Spirited Away」(●^o^●)

More about Kazuo Oga,
he is the background artist for many films☆

i'm going in now, bye★

Friday, September 14, 2007

so cute(≧▽≦)

the recording had ended♪♪

this is my first time doing a show with Yanagihara Kanako-san, she's so cute(^・^)Chu♪

her skin complexion is great and is a kind person☆

hope we'll get a chance to work together again(o^-^o)
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