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Saturday, May 31, 2008


after loads of shopping,

lastly its time for us to have our meal♪

as we have to check out from the hotel at 5.30am tomorrow

we have to quickly eat our dinner, then quickly head back to sleep(>_<)


as this location shoot was really fun

i dont really want to go back↓↓

and just when i got accustomed to Hong Kong(;_;)

i got along well with the staffs

this is really a great location shoot★

while eating my mini octopus

i have to return back to my room!!!


i headed to the streets with my manager and boss!!!

as there are many places to shop around the streets of Hong Kong,

its really fun(≧▽≦)

i bought some souvenirs for my family★

we walked around alot

and found this shop(@_@)


it really smells good so i bought the chocolate flavour ones♪

it tasted like what we called in Japan

a baby sponge cake>^_^<

its really good to have something to eat while we are walking around isnt it♪

as we had visited many shops

during our shopping

we decided to pick some clothings for our boss^^;

the theme was 『clothings that make one look younger』

i really choose alot(o^-^o)

its quite fun to pick clothings for another person isnt it♪♪♪


as the shoot ended just before noon

we headed off for lunch♪♪

we had my favourite xiao long pau (meat dumplings)(≧▽≦)★

i love it when you get scalded while you are eating it♪♪♪

but, to the staffs

there were some who stopped chatting because it was too hot(laugh)

i really love my xiao long bao this way☆☆☆

because its my free and easy time after this,

as i will be joining Yuka-chan for more shoots later

its time for us to wave bye bye(^^)/~~~


lets go and do some shopping♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

thanks for the hardwork☆

we have completed all the photoshooting☆

although the weather wasnt helping us,

with teamwork

i think the results will be good(o^-^o)

it is a fabulous work,

guys you will enjoy watching it(≧▽≦)

this location shooting was really fun♪♪

as the streets there are really fun

guys lets come back to Hong Kong again ok(o^-’)b


how is it!!!???

although its small, im in the middle of it☆

its mysterious right o(^-^)o

its actually in the middle of the streets!!!!

its pretty isnt it~(o^-^o)

the streets☆

next we are going to do our photoshoot on the streets☆

its going to have a mysterious theme to it(o^-^o)

this was how my hair looks like♪♪

yes yes!!!

before this,

a bunch of japanese office workers came here for holiday and i got to listen to their voices♪♪

to be able to hear their voices in another country

im really happy(≧▽≦)

to those who talked (in japanese)

thank you very much=^ェ^=

last day☆


for the last day we are doing it in my own hotel room

lets begin the photoshoot★

the tv is always left on

showing anime programmes

has also been brought into the light(o^-’)b(laugh)

although at home i usually plays with the smallest electronic device before i sleep

but since this is a hotel,

everything is left on isnt it(>_<)

so guys so how do you get to sleep???

Friday, May 30, 2008

thanks for the hardwork☆

the photoshoot for today are all done☆

finally, the photoshoot ends after tomorrow(>_<)

after preparing for tomorrow

its time to sleep(__)zzz

we will have fun til the end♪♪

this picture

looks like Arushindo!!??(laugh)

good night♪♪♪

speaking of which

while playing around the house

the magazine's photoshoot is done☆

although its a photoshoot where we cant understand each other,

its a photoshoot where we communicate with smiles

i think the result will be good(o^-’)b

it was a great experience♪♪

i want to do it again>^_^<

if by any chance, you are in Hong Kong

please read the magazine ok(^.^)☆


this Kamen Rider is a fake!!!

please be warnedー(>_<)


fable ・3


im defeateddddddd

the end。

with that

Kamen Rider・aMi is defeated by

the petite shocker(laugh)

so weak!!!(laugh)

the mask was really fun

a picture was taken★

was it fun??( ̄▽ ̄)

fable ・2

i found you!!!

petite shocker!!!!

i will defeat you

in 3 second!!!!




fable ・1

Kamen Rider・aMi has arrived!!!

inorder for me to protect the world

i will risk my life to defeat the villians!!!!

evil villains!!

i will always be ready for you!!!!!!


one of the magazine's staff's son came for a visit

his reallyーー cute(≧▽≦)

He is Bobby-kun・5 years old☆

at first his fear of us as we are strangers

but after we wore the Kamen Rider mask and play tag

we got familar with each other>^_^<

as expected, a cute child can really heals a person isnt it~(u_u)o〃♪


i feel like seeing my niece(;_;)

in fashion!!!???

as its a photoshoot for a Hong Kong magazine,

the costumes are

a t-shirt with a female character print

and having a Kamen Rider mask

are those in fashion!!!???(laugh)

i wonder we are really doing it out of fashion????

so the next time if you come to Hong Kong

you should be happy if you get to wear this☆

we are really having fun during the shoot

im playing childishly together with Yuka-chan(o^-’)b


actually from today onwards

im combining with my close friend Kyoumoto Yuka-chan★


we are doing the photoshoot for a Hong Kong magazine>^_^<

the costumes are very different from Japan's~!!!

is it a Hong Kong style to wear white socks!!!???(laugh)

apple kiran☆(shiny apple)

its a photoshoot with alot of glasses on display♪

it really raises my spirits↑↑↑

doing an apple kiran is cute too right(o^-^o)

smooth work!!!

the photo-shoot on the bed and

at the veranda went smoothly♪♪

i guess you guys get to see alot of me

during the photoshoot

but you never really get a chance to see other side of the shoot right!!??

this is how it looks like!!!

although its just taking still shots,

there are so many staffs behind it

to help the shoot to go on smoothly=^ェ^=

by the way,

i gave nicknames to all the staffs★

from the left







that's all of them★★

we are very closed to one another\(~δ~)/



im lying on a really huge sofa☆

today we are doing our photo shoot in a really big mansion>^_^<

the sofa

the television

and the windows

are all really huge(o・v・o)

the owner has 4 houses all over the world

this is but just 1 of them!!

its really over the board~

thats how i feel about it^^;(laugh)

yesterday i had to endure the stingings from a huge swarm of mosquitoes

while doing the photo shoot★

what will we be doing for the 1st part of the day~???(^.^)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

tomorrow too★

i went for a massage

and become very relaxed~(´・ω・`)

with this, i will do my best for tomorrow too♪

i fell asleep during my pedicure★


please continue to support the Grey Parkers(o^-’)b(laugh)

see you tomorrow ok♪♪


this blog title

do read it like how the magician Cyril would say it(laugh)

we had our meal at the chinese restaurant recommended by our coordinator☆

there were prawns,

chinese fried rice,

and stir-fried dished★

the most impressive part

was as expected the sharkfin soup>^_^<

the real sharkfin is really magnificent =^ェ^=(laugh)

today is a staff's

43rd Birthday\(~δ~)/

we prepared a cake for the surprise

the Grey Parkers
(a unit made up of the stylist, makeup artist and me(laugh))

sang a song for him as a present♪♪♪

its supposed to be touching

but somehow everyone ended laughing

the surprise was a success(o^-’)b

as expected, to be able to bring joy to a person

is really the greatest↑↑↑(≧ε≦)

i did my best☆

thanks for the hardwork☆

i really did my best today!!!

even though the weather kept changin

we managed to shoot 6 different patterns >^_^<

its to be complimented~(o^-^o)

aMi-nii also did her best~♪♪♪(laugh)

with that,

today too, after having my meal, i headed to the massage parlor★

heyー!! see that!!!

really coincidental

that my stylist and i wore the same clothings(@_@)

a pink inner shirt

with damaged jeans,

and a grey parker☆

its really incredible isnt it(≧▽≦)

its really fated~♪♪♪

how is it!!!???

this is a rare picture

i tied two little pony tail♪

i dont think you get many chance to see it

so how is it???

is it alittle too childish??(>_<)

and later,

i tied my hair up which looks cooler★

with this hairstyle

we did the photo shoot on a double decker bus

while it was driving around the Hong Kong streets>^_^<


the entire bus was booked by us☆☆☆

it really raised my spirits,

it was really fun(≧▽≦)

i really want to bring my family along for this♪

and the driver is a good person too~♪♪♪

light rain★

as the rain has become smaller

we continue with the photo shooting\(~δ~)/

speaking of which,

by doing the chin peace

you can see my face is quite small isnt it★

its been awhile since i did it♪♪

last time when requested by my friends who knows about my small face,

i did a trick,

i try to stretch the peace up my face

until my face got all squeezed together!!!(laugh)

those who are interest to

see the negetive effect of it

do try it yourself~(o^-’)b(laugh)

the beach sandals that im wearing

are the same as my stylist's♪♪

its cute isnt it>^_^<


in the middle of our photo shooting

it suddenly rain heavily~(;□;)!!

but the weather forecast showed that it was supposed to be fair weather………

i heard from a rumor,

that Hong Kong's weather forecast

isnt very accurate^^;

it really isnt a forecast isnt it* ̄0 ̄)ノ(laugh)

wearing my raincoat

i headed back to the bus~(>_<)

and we finally get to go to beach↓↓

with that,

the raincoat dont really

matches well with meι(◎д◎)ノヾ(laugh)

megane kiran☆ (sparking glasses)

isnt this amazing!!!

i looked just like a robot♪♪♪


allows you to see the image after the picture is taken

its like a monitor☆

its futuristic isnt it!!!???

recently when i tried it on,

its before this picture was taken

『aMi-chan what do you see??』

when i heard that question

『i see the future!!』

i made a joke out of it

and this device's

name had since become future(o^-’)b

but i think the real name is totally different^^;(laugh)

i can still make a joke once in awhile cant i( ̄▽ ̄)v

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