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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

its been awhile☆

its been awhile since

i took a bath=^ェ^=

i have always been showing since i dont have much time

i feel really refresh to be able to do it☆

with this im going to get a good night's rest>^_^<

i have to go to sleep as its going to be very early the next day!!!

thanks for the hardwork☆

the filming had ended☆

today in preparing for tomorrow

we quickly ended it(u_u)o〃

when the ending was near

i received Taiyaki\(~δ~)/ (fish shaped red bean pastry)


i was thinking of eating it since lunch(≧▽≦)

because of that, when i received it

『there really is a god out there~』

was what i think★

i think i will eat it with my favourite coffee milk(o^-’)b

by the way,

i belong to the clan that eats the head first( ̄▽ ̄)v


as there was still some waiting time left

i went on a convenience stores date with Haru-chan(^・^)Chu♪

breaking the ice

and we shared it★

we ate the ice while walking

and the memories of last summer came~(>_<)

the time when i went to buy ice during the stage play lesson's interval☆

its so nostalgic(●^o^●)


we had arrived at the river bank★

hmm~it feels good isnt it(≧▽≦)

although its quite warm,

i feel enegize☆

just like this

i wish that warm days like this will carry on~o(^-^)o

famous scene☆

we shot it★

its the shoot where many people were stopped,

and cars too were stopped!!

collaborating with the people on the street

i think it was a good shot(o^-’)b

how was it like……

『Team Sumire is formed!!』

that's what it was♪♪

i dont think you will understand it^^;

well, please do look forward to it(*^∇^*)

we are on the move again!!!

on the move!!!

we are filming the school campus scene☆

its really warm today o(^ヮ^)o

the air conditioner is switched on in the car for the casts!!

now we are heading to the shopping district

we are going to shoot that famous scene(o^-’)b


to everyone all over the country, good morning\(~δ~)/

its a great morning isnt it☆

and while im say that,

im getting sleepy again(>_<)(laugh)

and 『スミレ16歳!!』's filming too (Sumire 16 years old!!)

without change im heading over to it

im heading over there with high spirits!!!

counting down to

the end of the filming。。。

its so lonely(;_;)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


inbetween the filmings

Naka-chan and i got interviewed★

its from B.L.T >^_^<

theres a one person shot,

and a two person shot

so please check it out ok♪♪


Otoo-san is wearing his glasses☆

that glasses are really amazing!!!

the frame extended

over my ears but

its all right\(~δ~)/

i really want them♪♪

the pair that Otoo-san is wearing

belongs to Mizuki(@_@)

mine looks more compatible isnt it( ̄▽ ̄)v


im playing on a chair☆

as it can move

turning it round and round●

fooling around like a elementry school kid↑↑↑

the picture was taken while im turning

its getting blur~~!!!

my eyes are turning(゜_゜)


inside the bentos

are my favourite pickled items(≧▽≦)

like the red cucumbers and

green cucumbers★


the green cucumbers are just normal cucumbers^^;(laugh)


they are delicious arent they♪♪

Satoyama high school☆

its our high school☆

its good isnt it♪♪♪


behind me

is a strange extra(actor)!!??(@_@)(laugh)


who is that~??(^.^)


i went for the filming☆

hair checked!

makeup checked!

costume checked!

loafers checked!


good morning☆

ive reached the school!!!

im going to change into my costume now★

today im going to introduce the stylist's assistant(o^-’)b

thats the assistant's soft toy♪(laugh)

the stylist,

『came without saying a word』

thats good(u_u)o〃

somehow, dont you think the stylist and the soft toy looked alike!!!???

from now do bring it along to the site too(o・v・o)

thanks for the hardwork★

its finished☆

to those who watched it

thank you very much >^_^<

today i get to express my own opinion

and i really learned alot from it

it was fun(^o^)

from the producer

i received a gift from his oversea working trip☆


when the brush the stick across its back


its an item that produce a frog's call♪♪(laugh)

i think im going display it in my room as a deco☆

i think i will play it once a in while(o^-’)b

im going to dash home now

i only have 3 and a half hours to sleep!!!

full steam heading home

full steam going to bed isnt itε=┏(; ̄▽ ̄)┛

good night♪♪

Monday, April 28, 2008

im going over now☆

im heading to BS11's 『不動産王』☆ (property king)

of course, you are going to watch it right???!!!

today im going to the show in this hair style(*^_^*)

with that, my company's boss

came and took my pictureeee!!!(laugh)


the drama filming had ended!!!


from now its the live broadcast of 『不動産王』☆ (property king)

i have to hurry up(^O^)

because it starts at 12am

you must definitely watch it ok★

travelling meal☆

the filming at the school had ended!!!

the last will be a location shoot☆

as we are running out of time,

we are having our meal in the bus while its heading to the location♪♪

as the filming time has eaten into the break time

im getting alittle interested in the short time for meal!!!

we are alway jabbering away in the bus↑↑↑

today director Oikawa joined us in the jabbering(*^∇^*)

im so happy☆

i got interrupted during the photo taking again↓(laugh)

its the prove that we are close together★(laugh)


before we travel to the site

first it time for lunch♪♪♪

there are alot of teachers around today >^_^<

Hozumi Pepe-san who acted as the principal and
Matsuda Saki-san who acted as Yamabuki-sensei and
Giry Vincent-san who acted as Rex-sensei too☆

everyone is kind to me

the filming will be really fun★

as there is still sometime left after lunch

Otoo-san is asleep!!!

someone said

『he looks just like a child with a beard』(≧▽≦)(laugh)

it was really funny!!!!!(laugh)

good morning☆

as there is fried shumai (fried prawn dumpings) for breakfast

im a high tension aMi-nii☆>^_^<

although its early today too,

somehow i feel enegize!!!

other than off days,

during the days when im busy but not sleepy

i really like it =^ェ^=

will i be getting busy~★

the picture was

daringly shot when i was chatting with Haru-chan(^.^)


in the school premises where we are using for filming

recently there have been ghosts appearing↓↓

although nobody was around

there will be water flowing sounds coming from the toilet,

you can see someone at the area where the fence came out。。。

as i havent really see any of those sightings yet

it will be a problem if i really get to see one of those isnt it(>_<)

its so scary!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

episode 3☆

in today's 『スミレ16歳!!』 at 12am (Sumire 16 years old!!)

finally, the appearance of Kiryuu Akebi!!!

as i get to watch it first,

Akebi is really cool★

you must watch it ok(≧▽≦)☆

its done☆

the location filming for today has finished☆

although its warm

as expected it gets really cold at night(+_+)

the last scene

i get to act together with the figurine Sumire♪♪

although the face is Nako-chan's,

somehow it felt strange(@_@)


a new pair of sandles☆

i wearing them as its getting warm soon o(^ヮ^)o

i want to be able to wear the sandles

with a pair of short pants soon!!!

i wonder if summer be coming soon~☆☆☆

Saturday, April 26, 2008

not healing↓↓

my two eyes' double vision are not healing at all(+_+)

i dont like my double vision at all(>_<)

quickly heal upー!!!

good morning☆

its the drama filming since awhile\(~δ~)/

im so happy♪

im going now☆

Friday, April 25, 2008


the Sabra on sales today

did you read it??>^_^<

it feels matured

and high class when you read it★

by the way,

i havent get to read it myself yet^^;

im going to the convenience stores♪♪

Thursday, April 24, 2008

office workers☆

working with Okameru-san

are the office workers from Melting Dots☆

the handsome face from Melting Dots and

the grey parker guy★

the person on the left of mr grey parker is me >^_^<

we are twins♪♪♪


today's No-Button

is also wearing an incredible combination of clothes!!(laugh)

Okameru-san looks refreshed☆

and the 3 of us are doing

『Tokito aMi's Virtual Radio Walker』

please listen to us ok♪♪♪


my complex

thick legs。。。

because i play basketball my legs become very thick

but, its getting warm lately so im letting my legs out

looks like i really let them out today!!!

as expected, it doesnt feel good↓↓↓

but, even though i show my

awful parts out

i still cant get to like them isnt it(>_<)

guys about your complexs,

the area which you dont like

how do you get to like it more???


when i wake up from my sleep

will they become thinner~???(laugh)

see it!!!

today is for the anticipated 24th of May's sale

the second phrase trading cards


signing & kiss marking☆


you can see them all~(+_+)

only for you guys who view my blog

this special is good right★(o^-’)b

wearing on the red lip stick,

im going to kiss them all(^・^)Chu♪

do look forward to it ok☆

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

finger figurines!!!???

the filming of 『未来創造堂』 had ended♪♪ (future creating room)

i had revealed what things im into(o^-’)b

it was fun as we had alot of things to chat about=^ェ^=

furthermore, i had received this★

to find out more about it, you will have to stay tune to the show☆

and now! im heading towards Toodoroku Broadcasting Station★

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


from now on im going for the filming of 『未来創造堂』★ (future creating room)

things im obsess with, things im into

i will be talking about them★

as i will be wearing a new costume

look forward to it ok(*^.^*)

off shot♪

there is this picture too

skimmy aMi~♪♪(laugh)

although this was the still shot part,

the truth is that my favourite music was playing on the background while we were doing the shooting >^_^<

but i only sing it occasionally(^^ゞ(laugh)


its Spring time isnt it~☆

riding a bicycle in this time of the day(o^-’)b

because recently im really into bicycle

i get high just by riding it(≧▽≦)

today too, with high spirits, riding on my bicycle

i headed off to my friend's house\(~δ~)/

Monday, April 21, 2008

thanks for the hardwork☆

『不動産王』 had ended☆ (property king)

for those who came to watch, thank you very much >^_^<

my clothes for today was this

its been a while since i last tied a ponytail♪♪

how is it???(^.^)

although i hardly gave any of my opinions for today,

i did learned something from it(o^-’)b

i think im going to have fun while learning, next week too\(~δ~)/

it hurts(>_<)

i was having too much fun at yesterday's HOME MADE family's live concert

that my high heels broke( ̄▽ ̄)

you can see from this that how hot(exciting) it was(o^-’)b

with that,

i bought a new pair of heels

but my foot havent got used to it yet

it really hurts(+_+)

i hope they get used to it soon!!!

with that, im going for 『不動産王』's meeting ok★ (property king)


gummy frogs'

kiss scene☆☆☆

Sunday, April 20, 2008


i went to watch HOME MADE family's 『Heartful Tour 2008』♪

its really good(≧▽≦)

its really hot(≧▽≦)

to mingle together with the fans it really great↑↑↑

i have learned the ambient atmosphere of this family!!!(o^-’)b

it will be good if i can go to the next live★

and then,

i want to have a fantastic live(concert) just like them(^・^)Chu♪

now on♪

the filming has ended☆

it ended early today♪♪

we are returning back to Tokyo now,

im going to the HOME MADE family's live\(~δ~)/

im so looking forward to itttt(*^.^*)


as expected the school is really cold↓↓

although the amount of hot packs in my uniform

had reduced from 3→1

its still cold(>_<)

director Oikawa was cold too!!!


i drank the cocoa from the catering★

although our names are supposed to be written on the paper cups,

Renge drew a pair of glasses instead!!!

i thought the name Mizuki will be written on it

but straight away its a pair of glasses^^;

i dont know whose cup is this* ̄0 ̄)ノ(laugh)
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