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Monday, December 31, 2007


my mini-live before the counting down in the count down event had ended♪♪♪

People of Kumamoto!! You are the best!!!

its really rousing and it felt good when im singing ♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

about 4500 people's power were transmitted↑↑↑

later, just alittle bit more is the count down!!

i'm really excited★★


the rehearsal went well, from now is the real show♪♪♪

before that☆

together with the managers, we drank リポビタンD (ripobitan D) to get our energy back (o^-’)b

count down event is so much fun ↑↑↑♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪


i'd arrived in Kumamotoー!!!

i thought so, but its Fukuoka ^^;(laugh)

from here we'll be taking a bus to Kumamoto \(~δ~)/

baby chair★

we stopped by Starbuck before we headed out, as expected its so crowded that there were no seats left(>_<)

i've found one!! i thought…

its a baby chair ^^;(laugh)

so unluckyyyy!!!

since i'd found this chair im going to continue sitting on it(o^-’)b

the year 2007!!!

2007 ends with today isnt it~(o・v・o)

somehow i feel impatience about it(laugh)

it felt like i had left something behind(>_<)

but, this year i got to do all the things that i wanted to do,
so i didnt left anything behind ★(o^-’)b

now i going to Kumamoto to eat the year-crossing ramen o(^ヮ^)o

once again, im going to upload all the things here♪♪♪

Sunday, December 30, 2007

i cant!!

im home~☆

when i entered my house, this was what i saw。。。


oh my niece!!
just after my release, and i have to study again!!??(o・v・o)

honestly, my head is pretty filled up now m(__)m


2 weeks before today, i'd been studying non-stop for a certain theme(topic)!!!

having said that, in my 20 years of life this was the most i had ever studied before!!!!(>_<)

then again, me underling keywords with markers and making notes……

its a miracle( ̄ω ̄)(laugh)

but, although im studying for it but the theme is really fun(o^-^o)

i cant say what theme is it,
i will do my best and the results will be shown on the programme called 『ガリベン』 (gariben), please do watch it★

after the filming had ended, the sense of achievement and the feeling of release really felt the best(●^o^●)↑↑

Saturday, December 29, 2007


all the photo shooting had ended♪♪

the shooting took 5 days in total,
the staffs were great and we really put in our best in this production
i think the result will be good(o^-’)b

i wished i could quickly review what photos we had taken(>_<)

well~ it was really fun(≧▽≦)♪

took a picture message with the staffs, it a really~good group photo☆(laugh)

im tired lets go for a massaaaage♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪


as the photoshooting ended early i went to my friend's house for nabepa↑↑

the main ingredients for the hotpot are green vegetables and meat★

even so, putting in the green vegetables were quite difficult…^^;(laugh)

that's why that's why, sonna no kankei neeー(≧▽≦)★ (it doesnt matter) [comedian Oshima Yoshio's popular joke]

yes it tasted good☆☆


there was a plushie monkey within the sets,
does it look like this face???>^_^<


does this staff looked more like it???(≧▽≦)(laugh)


today is the continue of thailand and yesterday's photo shoot☆

first was the bathhouse!!

im really excited as its my first time having a photo shoot in a bathhouse↑↑(≧▽≦)

i had to wash myself before entering the bathtub☆

furthermore, also i sat at the counter★

it was really fun and the bathhouse's aunty(keeper) was really kind to me

what will we shoot next~???=^ェ^=

Friday, December 28, 2007


i received a christmas present from my friend★

its 『じゃがポックル』(o^-’)b (jyaga pokkuru)

as expected its delicious isnt it(≧▽≦)

perhaps, i think no one will received
jyaga pokkuru as a christmas present isnt it~(laugh)

i had a gamble with Tamori-san in 『笑っていいとも』 (waratte iitomo)
and i had to do 1 questionnaires out of 100, i'd became really focus in it!!!

as it was tasty, i quickly ate it up, it has a simple taste to it★

it has ended☆

the photo shoot for today had ended☆

i took a photo with the kotatsu,
we took photos in the garden and alot from the Japanese house↑↑

the photo shoot will be completed tomorrow!!

along the way, its the first time that we use a honeycomb light☆

well, i did changed the name for it though ^^;(laugh)

what kind of photo did we take? please look forward to it ok~♪♪

lets do my best for tomorrow too(o^-’)b


it felt so Japan!! as we were having the photo shoot☆

there was a telephone there and a kitchen that looks like this there★

somehow it felt refreshing(o^-^o)

but within all this there was a latest iPod speakers in there too…(laugh)

olden days house is good isnt it★

athough its cold, somehow i felt warm there >^_^<

i moved all around the place in the house♪

its not for playing around, but is for work!!!


today is the continuation from Thailand, and we are doing a indoor photoshoot☆

although we are shooting in a Japanese room, it too cold in there m(__)m

the temperature outside is 11 degrees and inside the room is 17 degrees, it really makes me want to shout HEY! ^^;(laugh)

i think im going get my preparations done while sitting under the kotatsu

Thursday, December 27, 2007


these are the things that i have gotten recently★

first is EXILE's album(o^-’)b

of cause!! it comes with the Okaxile DVD♪♪

the other thing is an iPod touch(o^-’)b

im still not familiar with the controls, but i will try my best to understand it completely★

it may be a little difficult as im really bad with gadgets ^^;(laugh)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


although i changed into my normal clothes,
curing my hair alittle, tieing them in two and wearing my knitted hat
it looks good( ̄▽ ̄)v

well~the truth is, im trying to satisfy myself(o^-’)b(laugh)

live broadcast☆

i went to the live broadcast of GyaO『ヌキ天』☆ (nuki-ten)

this programme is one which we will watch and grade
the performances of the new idols who are trying to make a major debut,
and i went to the show as one of the judges(>_<)

there are still alot of i have to learn,
yet im one of the judges, what should i do?,
i have to bring out my self-confident and convey it out to them♪

i have to study once again!!

as expected everybody was doing their best,
its a performance where their fans will attend!!!

dont forget your basics(o^-’)b

i really want to sing infront of everyone again~(^・^)♪

spectacles supermarket♪

before i visit the spectacles supermarket in Akihabara, i went for lunch in UDX's Ochazuke restaurant☆

isnt the Ochazuke restaurant amazing!??

i'll only eat Ochazuke when i skip my mother's cooking!!(laugh)

i guess the real thing does exist >^_^<

it was simple and delicious(o^-’)b

those who are interest can go and have a try★

with that, i headed to the spectacles supermarket☆

for the event earlier,
should i give a life-size pop up or a spectacles case as present
which should i give???

after deciding it, i wrote my name and sign on it↑↑

seeing alot of applications have come in, makes me really happy(o^-^o)

thank you very much(≧▽≦)

for those who win the presents please take good care of it♪♪

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

the last for christmas☆

the last event for christmas was dwango's live-chat♪♪

christmas is a great day,
and to be able to talk with my fans was really the best and it was fun(≧▽≦)

chatting using the whiteboard was interesting★

i hoped to do this again~♪♪

those who participated☆
thank you very much↑↑

was that the best christmas for you guys??(^-^)

as for me, christmas this year is the best~(^・^)Chu♪

i'm happy to receive the christmas cake from the people from dwango↑↑(●^o^●)



i went to the recording for the programme called 「ポチたま」☆ (pochi-tama)

its a programme which discuss about things concerning our dogs, cats and pets,
Blue appeared in the programme >^_^<

first appearance with me♪♪

i've always liked animals since young, to be able to go to this programme really makes me very happy(o^-^o)

i wish i can do this with blue again↑↑

live broadcast☆

yesterday was very memorable and fun,
today i really wanted everyone to have fun too(o^-’)b

with that,i went to the live broadcast of GyaO「MIDTOWN TV」★

those who had watched it! thank you very much >^_^<

i did it with Shirosaki Jin-san and Isoyama Sayaka-san,
it was a really fun programme☆

its been a long time since i did a physical test, my sport's spirit is still burning\(~δ~)/

im relief that my physical strength still remains(o^-^o)

we also chat in private it was fun☆

Monday, December 24, 2007


the party that we had at my friend's house was really very fun(≧▽≦)

its had been a long time since everyone was spending christmas together, i really excited♪♪

we decorated the room and did a cosplay,
i wore a poohbear costume with a santa's hat★

we seldom do cosplay during christmas,
but when we did it it seems to have a meaning to it!!!(laugh)

we played bingo, its really great to have a chat with♪

later…the 7 of us girls played the Yakyuuken(≧▽≦)(laugh)

good friends from my home town are really the best,
it felt like we will never be apart★

this is the best christmas event ever♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪


today is the christmas eve isnt it(≧▽≦)

guys how are you going to spend your eve??>^_^<

i'm having a 7 person party with the girls from my home town♪♪

im going to the party in a pair of christmas feel red pumps♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

guys lets have fun spending your christmas eve too(o^-’)b

Sunday, December 23, 2007


i came to the couples infested Yokohama☆(laugh)

from the people whom i did 『Suketachi』 with,
Moriyama Eiji-san・Washio Noboru-san・Shinoda Mitsuyoshi-san・Miura Ryousuke-san・Takuya-san were all acting in
『bambino+ in YOKOHAMA』 and i went to watch it☆

its been a long time since i last saw them and i was surprised that they had changed their hair style\(~δ~)/
eveyone were singing and dancing, they were sparkling on the stage☆

『bambino』 was performed by 『ピウ゛ォ ガール』(pivo girl)
and also by Tsutsumi Yasushi-san,
i'd been watching it since the start when i didnt know any of the actors name and it had since became a series(o^-’)b

miss magazine team's channel leader
Tamura Yuka-san was the performing assistant there★

because・of・that, i went out with the long time never seen Tamura-san for a meal↑↑

during the pivo's time i was still a high school student
and now i've become twenty years old, its really amazing>^_^<

although we do often email each other, as expected, we have alot of things to talk about when we get to talk to each other directly(≧▽≦)

we also talked about serious work, she is really someone whom i have complete faith in(o^-^o)

i hoped we could go for another meal again sometime☆

Saturday, December 22, 2007


my first job after coming back to Japan is 『天才テレビくんMAX』☆ (Genius Television MAX)

it had been a long time since i was serious about memorising my lines for the performance >^_^<

the people from the television warriors are all good people,
i had received candies from them as christmas present(≧▽≦)

please by all means do check out the show ok♪♪

picture message diary☆ Vol.3

my first!!shouchuu mixed with warm water challenge!!

with the plum added to the drink, it makes it easier to drink and it was delicious☆

the weather was really good, i took a picture of the sea☆

its been a long time since i get to apply sun screen↑

it was really warm that i couldnt let the fan get out of my hand(-_-)

i felt much cooler using the fan than a uchiwa, why is that it??

Wuuuu. i ate too much during lunch and i got a tummy↓↓(laugh)

for everyone who is reading my aMi Blog, this is a big expose of my 2 layer belly ( ̄▽ ̄)v(laugh)

this is Ran-san, our guide and interpreter for our on site shooting☆

she is really a kind person, who LOVEs Japan because she really like japanese food =^ェ^=
she thought i was 17years old when she first saw me(;_;)
im already a twenty years old adult!!!(laugh)

lastly we went to a massage parlor in Bangkok☆

everyone there are really kind, adn they said in english 『do come again tomorrow!』★
when i come back to Bangkok, im definitely going to visit them again♪♪

this time the cameraman miyazawa-san was taken in the picture☆

he's a really kind and dandy person♪ he is a good person =^ェ^=

the last of picture message diary are aMi's style meals(o^-’)b

the tomyamkun and caprese that i liked were my favorite dishes for the Thailand location shooting this time★
im really weak with spicy food but i decided to try the tomyamkun anyway, the person who cooks this is really incredible!!
though it was spicy, i cant stop eating it=^ェ^=
i really wanted to buy some tomyamkun ramen back as gift(≧▽≦)
later i got a shocked as i ate more than the staff who has the largest body sizeι(◎д◎)ノヾ
aMi's stomach is really great* ̄0 ̄)ノ(laugh)
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