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Thursday, January 31, 2008


with that,

all the photoshoot were done☆

full body・closeup・backshot・nails・flowers…


i've posted alot of cut shots★

im really looking forward to the end results(≧▽≦)☆☆☆


i've safely become an adult(o^-^o)

papa☆mama☆friends☆staffs☆all my fans☆☆

even for 1 second, those who were involved with Tokito aMi's life☆☆☆

thank you all for your teaching o(^-^)o

from now on i'll be a fine person

i think i will do my best and move forward★★

sister miya★

lets check out the photoshoot during the mid of it

the photoshoot is going smoothly★

the studio where we did the photoshoot


the studio is 『あいのり』(ainori)'s Miya-nesan's=^ェ^=

as i always watch Ainori, im really happy to be able to meet her☆

sorry it took so long!!


from now on its the adulthood ceremony photoshoot(≧▽≦)

the best of the best furisode(long sleeved kimono), together with the best staffs, we headed off☆☆

somehow im getting nervious~(;_;)

i'll show you the full body shot later ok★

im going off(^-^)ノ~~

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


just before recording!!

when i entered the studio

i noticed my partner Megane-chan (glasses) broke(>д<)

we were really pressed for timeeee(*_*)

saying that, i really expect many people would compliment on this glasses…

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my first time!

for 20 years i've always in Tokyo since i was borned

i have never taking this person's picture before(>_<)

the famous person in the country…

its Hachikou-san☆

yeah its my first shoot(●^o^●)

Monday, January 28, 2008




the truth is,

its really difficult。。(>_<)

i have to talk in timing,

i cant stop my head from spinning

well, to experience this type of atmosphere, i feel thankful, forgiveful(._.)

im will try harder next!!!

Miyagawa Daisuke-san came in a different corner★

he slimed down a lotttt↑↑↑

i want to learn from him☆(^.^)


all the members……





somwhow, it sounds harmonically♪(≧▽≦)

its a really wise mood~☆☆☆

using this name plate, im going for the recording(^-^)ノ~~

plum flavor☆

althought the photoshoot is done,

it going for the filming of 『太田光の私が総理大臣になったら…秘書田中』 now☆

i always see the CM during my journey, i ate Jyagariko's plum flavor★

im going to eat it as its my favourate snack in a new flavor(o^-^o)

↑↑only at this time, do i realised that im a girl (u_u)o〃(laugh)

its done☆

the gravure photoshoot is completed>^_^<

for the last shot i had alot of shiny cream used on my, so im going take a shower now☆

when the printed images are out, i will upload all the photos i had taken ok(o^-’)b

im going for the shower now★


we used Body Seal on my body for the photoshoot☆

i pasted flowers around my belly button >^_^<

its really ticklish when they pasted the Seal on meee!!!(>_<)(笑)


to complete the gravure shoots in 1 day, i have do my makeup many times(>_<)

i did it 12 times today(+_+)

its difficult for the makeup artist as it had to match my hair styles isnt it(>ε<)

the staff Ichimaru and i manages to do something great of it(o^-’)b☆


i did the photoshoot in a pair of sunglasses♪

its rather celebrity like isnt it★

its really difficult to take a photo with a pair of glasses with lenses in it(>_<)

and i still used it!!!(;_;)(laugh)


what a long earring!!!(@_@)(laugh)


with more than half of the photoshoot done, its lunch time♪♪

its Kentucky Fried Chicken☆

I★Love★Junk Food


i feel so happyyyy(^・^)Chu♪

after having my fill, we continue with the photoshoot FIGHTS↑↑>^_^<


i wore a cute tiara~(≧▽≦)

as i really like shiny things, im happy to be able to wear the tiara☆☆☆

furthermore, i wore a wig to make my hair long↑↑

with that, my objective was done!!

i did my best and lengthen my hair to below my chest level(o^-’)b

as its increased to my desired length, i became really excited♪♪♪(laugh)

my first!!!

first time since i was borned, i became muscular!!

the costume was quite matured looking but, muscular is bad isnt it!!(laugh)

quickly having it done, this is one of those that i must see( ̄▽ ̄)v


there was a mini-skateboard☆

it really had nothing to do with the photoshoot isnt it^^;

i was like it should be fun if i ride on the skateboard(≧▽≦)

my mean of transportation has increased isnt it(o^-’)b

i really wanted to ride on it♪♪♪

good morning☆

its 7am…hmm~ im sleepy(+_+)

though though♪

today there will be a fun gravure photoshoot(≧▽≦)

what is it, i'll have to keep it a secret, i will take alot of Off-shot so look forward to it ok☆

i will do my best after the makeup★(^-^)ノ

Sunday, January 27, 2008


i received a really amazing picture message from my friend!!!!

4 page of yakiniku menu


there is a 『めがね』(megane - spectacles) in there(@_@)

isnt it amazing!!??

whatever it maybe, it has a incredible aura to it isnt it( ̄▽ ̄)↑

those who tasted it do tell me about itー(≧ε≦)

if i went to eat it


it will feel like im eating my own kind……(;_;)(laugh)

Saturday, January 26, 2008


the live broadcast from Ameba Studio was fun(≧▽≦)

freedom was really given
at that hour
for those who came to see me and those who came to for a chat wasnt it☆

somehow, the talk felt like any other resting time for me >^_^<

the 1 corner 『裏取扱説明書』(behind the scene guidebook) was really shocking wasnt it(+_+)(laugh)

anyway to be able to have fun free time with everyone was good(^・^)Chu♪

after it ended, i went to the front of the studio,
the sudden rising of atmosphere, during the caramel rock-scissor-paper competition, thank you♪♪♪

although i think those who ate it will know,

it tasted really bad wasnt it!!!!!!(laugh)

the spiciness increases in parts(o^-’)b(laugh)

as it was really fun, its a must to do it again ok★(o^-^o)


the water(water dispenser) had just arrived in my house☆

we had a similar tank in the office, but this a a bigger version(@_@)

as we can feel its presence, it felt like our family had added a new member!!(laugh)

from now on when we are drinking this water, we will feel healthier dont we★

Friday, January 25, 2008


after work, i went for the first class outing for this new year☆

they are my classmate group from high school★

there are a total of 8 of us and 6 of us met up!!!

we often meet up dont we(^.^)

we chat alot about our worries, as expected we were rather calm about it >^_^<

next time lets have everyone for the gathering♪♪♪

Thursday, January 24, 2008

pooh pooh pooh

thanks for the work today too☆

be it happy or not happy today,
i going to have plenty of sleep and will do my best for tomorrow~(o^-’)b

becoming pooh bear, Tokito went to sleep♪♪

good night man(^-^)ノ~~

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


immediately after, i went for the recording of 『美しき青きド・ナウ』☆ (Utsukushii ki aoki Do・Now)

there was a corner called docile champion, where i have to lessen my anger!!

as i usually dont get angry, i feel sympathy towards the other participates' sympathy talk♪

it was interesting >^_^<

its been a long time since my hair has a new look★

it has grown doesnt it(≧▽≦) im so glad♪♪

on contraries i cut my fringe shorter yesterday ^^;

as i cut it too much, my fringe's position became unsettled↓↓(laugh)

i hope i can quickly make my fringe better~(;_;)

○round and round○

i went to the recording of 『奇跡体験アンビリーバボー』☆ (strange experience Unbelievable)

the last thing that we talked about really touched me~☆☆

content of the couple love also touched me(;_;)

those who wants to find out more about it you must not miss it ok(o^-’)b

i met up with the two from KuruKuru Cutie Kuru at the pre-recording part, its been a long time since we last met♪♪

we did message each other but didnt get a chance to meet(>_<)

this time lets go out for a meal ok!!(≧▽≦)

long time since it snowed☆


雪やこんこ♪♪ isnt it~>^_^< (snowing)

hasn't it been a long time since Tokyo last snowed!!??

im so excited~↑↑o(^ヮ^)o

its getting colder and im eating icecream, im doing something strange^^;(laugh)

the icecream tasted good on a cold day(≧ε≦)★

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


a cushion dropped on top of my puzzle。。。

my hardworkkkk(;□;)!!

i cant get angry at this time。(>_<)

i wont lose to the puzzle!!

im must concentrateーーー!!(>ε<)

good morning☆

good morning~☆

my friend who work in the evening was forced to wake-up, and we quickly went out from my house in the morning(o^-^o)(laugh)

for breakfast we bought KitKat from the vending machine!!

as its exam season, there was Sakura flavor KitKat in it(≧▽≦)

try your best and you will get a good result★

im going to eat it☆

Monday, January 21, 2008

close friend☆

i went for a meal with my close friend☆

we didnt meet ever since christmas, there must be alot of things we didnt get to talk about(>_<)

saying that, we had a sleep over at my house~☆

my friend got a shocked when she saw my messy room, i got caught( ̄▽ ̄)v

we laze about the bed and chatted♪♪♪

hair tie☆

i went to the filming of 『マンガノゲンバ』★(manga no genba)

i talked alot about my favourite manga 『スミレ16歳』( ̄▽ ̄)b (sumire 16years old)

↑those who didnt read it do try reading it ok!!

100% you will get hooked on it( ̄ω ̄)★(laugh)

the thing you have to notice is, my hair style!!!

my hair was tied up, using my favourite white hair tie(≧▽≦)

as its my favourite, do watch it ok★★

First Kitchen★

today's lunch was First Kitchen☆

i used to frequent First Kitchen with everyone during high school days,

i think taking a sniff at it is going to bring back my memories >^_^<

the food really does bring back the memories(u_u)o〃☆

during those days, First Kitchen serves roast meat wrap,

and everytime i had that~(~δ~)

the potatoes didnt change too, its still jyaga bata(butter potatoes) (o^-’)b

ahh~the memories really revitalized me~o(^-^)o

Sunday, January 20, 2008



no matter how i try, the left right pieces' numbers do not match(;_;)

what a let downn~~~(´Д`)

twenty festival♪♪♪

i went to Shibuya O-EAST to participate in the 『二十祭』(twenty festival) event >^_^<

its created by twenty years old staffs, its a event that all twenty years old can enjoy☆

because of that, it also raise my spirits isnt it↑↑(≧▽≦)

Oguro Maki-san sang the song 『START LINE』,
FUSE81 did a fantastic performance its really the best☆

i also did a talk show★

as expected its really exciting to be a new adult!!!(●^o^●)

from now on, in the future, im be more cheerful(o^-’)b(laugh)

noo!! from now on we should all do our best( ̄^ ̄)y-~~

before this, i should concentrate on being more adult liked(mature)~^^;

i took a picture with the long time no see Fujita Shiho-san and the FUSE81★★

Saturday, January 19, 2008

totally white!!!

i went to the filming of 『開運 なんでも鑑定団』☆ (kaiun nandemo kanteitan)

i went back home, and started on the puzzle that i was asked to do~☆

the plan was for the result of the puzzle to be broadcast later
it was for the 『チャレンジステーション』 that i was asked to do it(@_@) (challenge station)

to be able to shift the puzzle around, i did it on top of a newspaper, but i have no idea how to solve it(>_<)(laugh)

even if im into puzzle, its totally white, strange…(;_;)

well, anyway i'll up my concentration and try my best at it(o^-’)b

Friday, January 18, 2008

new year gathering★

today i have another new year gathering!!

there is still such a new year gathering after the turn of the year(+_+)

i really glad as there were alot of my friends there(o^-^o)☆

today, futsal's Zanadou's MANAMI-san,
Asai Red Rose's Makki Tomiyo-chan and
MANAMI-chan's team secretery are there >^_^<

actually other than MANAMI-san, its my first time meeting the rest of the people there☆

despite this, we were all getting along well, its really fun(≧▽≦)♪♪

our jobs and ages varies, its really interesting as we have different comments =^ェ^=

lets gather again ok♪♪♪


i went to the programme called 『ペット相談』(pet talk/advise) with Blue★

i'd learned alot about pets(o^-’)b

i really appreciate that they wrote Blue's name at our dressing room(≧▽≦)

i'll continue to take good care (of blue)♪♪

Thursday, January 17, 2008

grand prix☆

the year 2008 Japan Bowling Association's Ambassador has been chosen, its Tokito aMi♪♪

somehow, i've been nominated☆

there were alot of related personnel and reporters there(^.^)

this year, i'll do my best to spread the bowling too(o^-’)b

i'll do this at the fan club events too☆(≧▽≦)

and later, at the assembly
i sang
(koi no honey sweet angel & ×××~kawayuku naritaii)

singing in the middle of the party, its rather fun isnt it o(^ヮ^)o
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