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Monday, June 30, 2008



im really in a hurry

there are some changes just before the broadcast(>_<)


now is really the most troublesome period for today!!!

it came as a bulk in the first half,

but the things we did and the contents were alittle too much^^;

i going to have a temper!!!

but, as expected of team property king☆

everyone were great at doing their part☆☆

our teamwork has become stronger(o^-^o)

for the rest of the year

we will do our best for the show

please watch it by all means ok♪♪


im heading for the comment recording for the DVD☆

with that, before i head over

i went to have a look at the DVD's jacket cover( ̄▽ ̄)v

its good~♪♪♪

as it will be on sales on the 30th of July

guys please wait for it ok☆☆

☆the last episode☆

『スミレ16歳!!』(sumire sixteen!!)

has ended☆

to those who have been watching it

thank you very much(o^-^o)

was it enjoyable until the end???☆

after it had ended

i felt really lonely,

but seeing alot of people were watching the show

i felt really satisfied(≧▽≦)★


you want to me the live Mizuki right???

you can meet her☆( ̄▽ ̄)

as there will be a DVD sales event on the 24th of August♪♪♪

please come if you want to meet us☆

really thank you very much for watching it(^・^)Chu♪

do post your feedbacks ♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

Sunday, June 29, 2008

it has ended☆

the test ended smoothly!!!


it was fun

but tiring(laugh)

im getting hungry after the hardwork(>_<)

i had a late lunch with my friend♪♪

i had a soup lunch(^.^)

after this we are going for alittle shopping and then we are heading back★

i bought a new hair tie >^_^<

i felt really relax after the test

that i bought 3 sets of clothes( ̄▽ ̄)v

once again, im broke~(;□;)!!

and the important day is

actually today

i will be going for

the level 4 sign-language proficiency test!!!!!

until now

i have already passed level 7・6・5

i really wanted to try level 4!!!(>_<)

with that, time to head for the test☆

how is it?

it will be shown on the next 『チャレンジステーション』 that i'll be on★ (challenge station)

im really nervous~(◎o◎)

thanks for your hardwork☆

to those who watched 『双方向クイズ にっぽん力』!!

and those who participated in it!!

thank you very much o(^ヮ^)o

so how was your result??(^.^)

although my result wasnt good,

but im really good at eco questions♪♪

today having the opportunity

im really glad to learn about everyone's interest in eco★★

i shall come more and more eco!!!

as tomorrow is an important day,

its time to sleep(^-^)ノ

by the way, today's silly wallet is

blue's bottle( ̄▽ ̄)v

Saturday, June 28, 2008


im going for the

NHK's 『双方向クイズ にっぽん力』's live broadcast \(~δ~)/ (bothways quiz japan power)

i want to know how many japan power i have in me

i cant wait for it~♪♪

the live broadcast will be at 9pm

you can also participate through handphones

do give it a try ok(≧▽≦)

im going over now☆

Friday, June 27, 2008


i had a small gathering tonight♪♪♪

its with my high school good friends from cls E・F☆

it really been a long time!!

but, i really missed the time we are together(o^-^o)

although some of them are still students, most of us are already working

although we were such a mischievous group

but we are already adults o(^ヮ^)o

there are also a few who are getting married,

somehow it feels like of lonely(laugh)

well, i guess i should do it at my own paceeee(laugh)

lets meetup again♪♪♪

how long has it been!!??

i heard my niece is going to the park with her friends

she seems to have made quite a few friends☆

playing in the sandbox

sat on the swings

doing all these things,

and the best ride which i havent sat on for many years

is the spinning jungle-gym!!!!

it reallys pack a punch(>_<)(laugh)

my niece and her friends did their best at spinning it

im really touched★

lets play more next time(≧▽≦)

i really like little children♪♪♪

Thursday, June 26, 2008

it have forgotten it^^;

i have forgotten the lyrics(>_<)

today its been a while

together with my elder sister and niece

with my elder sister's friends and their kids

we went for karaoke♪♪♪

as they are kids around

they sang Anpan-man

sang Oshirikajiri mushi

sang Ketsukotsu yama no tanuki-san

and others^^;(laugh)

but then,

recently my niece

was singing

dream come true

Shou Nan no Kaze and other songs(≧▽≦)

isnt that incredible!!!???

the future brilliant singer???!(laugh)

my elder sister

sang my songs(o^-’)b

lets visit the karaoke again some other time(^・^)Chu♪


i had raw spring row for lunch☆

biting into one of the side

the centre was bone!!!ι(◎д◎)ノヾ

it was delicious★★★

with that, raw spring roll is from which country???(@_@)

i think its from………


its really a wild guess^^;

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

3 sisters★

challenge station has become more posh♪♪

Yuuna-chan was there to disturb,

me and

the guest Itou Ako-chan!!!

the girls talk was really fun(≧▽≦)

we really looked like 3 sisters right???>^_^<

and now

the eldest daughter・ sexy Itou Ako-chan

the 3rd daughter・ the cute Satonaka Yuuna-chan

the 2nd daughter・ Tokito aMi

please catch the show on the 7th of July at 7pm\(~δ~)/

there are times when 3 person are introduce during the broadcast right(o^-^o)

please enjoy the show★

the sign language is set at level 4 so i really have to study it!!!(>_<)


its going to be 『チャレンジステーション』 from now on☆ (challenge station)

as im really hungry i bought macdonald for my meal(o^-’)b

today i mega size my mac☆☆☆

but, my hand slipped

and the meat came out☆☆☆

and everything got bare open isnt it( ̄▽ ̄)

after having my fill, and off i went★

today i can feel something special is going to appear on challenge station~♪♪♪

with that, with that, with that!

i forgot my makeup bag(;□;)!!

im totally makeup-less………

those who are watching it!!!

please forgive me m(__)m

thanks for the hardwork☆

thanks for the hardwork & im home☆

at the end when i reached home it was already over 1am(+_+)

as it was a marathon, it was really fun★

i cant say much about the result, but it was a great competition(o^-’)b

having saying all this……

because my yukata was wet

my tummy was itchy^^;(laugh)

its going to have a rash tomorrow(ρ_―)o

and, i will show it in my blog ok(laugh)

with that, see you tomorrow ok♪♪

good nighty(´・ω・`)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

break time♪

its a 10 minute break☆

about half the show had been recorded,

although i havent get to sing yet

im already hungry^^;

i should cut down on my food as i really havent done anything yet isnt it~(laugh)

and so i ate the Meissen's Katsu sandwich\(~δ~)/

i finished it in 3 minute( ̄▽ ̄)b

i think i should not eat too much as i have to sing during the 2nd half

but my hand couldnt stop^^;

so~what will we be singing???♪♪

live recording☆

im going for the live recording now♪♪

which show is it?

its 『最強デュエット歌合戦』>^_^< (the strongest duet singing competition)

somehow!! its my 3rd time appearing in it★

this time my partners are Tatsumi Natsuko-san and another person is kept secret(o^-^o)

i will do my best to win it(o^-’)b

as our costumes are yukata★

they are made short so that our short-pants can be seen(≧ε≦)

so how is it?★

im going off now(^-^)ノ~~

my replies☆

the picture was from

when my fringe was too long(>_<)

it kept poking my eyes↓↓

having long fringe or short fringe which is better???

day 17☆







































IMAKOさん→その焼き鳥屋さん気になりますねぇ~( ̄▽ ̄)(笑)































its done☆

my makeup and hair were done☆

today im not wearing anything too fancy so i decided to tie my hair up☆

how is it(^.^)???

with that, the staffs alway got the wrong timing to pass by arent they!!!???(laugh)

i will upload more once i wear my costume♪♪♪

please wait for it okkkk\(~δ~)/

its warm!!!

its been a long time since the weather was this good right☆

i got really high when i rode my bicycle\(~δ~)/♪♪

but, due to this change

i got really sweaty~(;□;)!!

Tokito aMi's stink of sweat!!!???

applying the body cream,

putting on the perfume

it should be all right(≧ε≦)(laugh)

if you saw me on the street,

i apologise for being sweaty and smelly( ̄▽ ̄)v(laugh)

round up☆

it has ended☆

i got it wrong↓↓↓

how many times have i gotten it in a row(>_<)

its scary that i cant accustomed to it↓

i will pay attention for next week(+_+)

as there will be a marathon for tomorrow

i have to quickly head back home to sleep(≧ε≦)

with that, i uploaded alittle too many pictures arent i ^^;(laugh)

THE dock situation!!!???(laugh)

good night♪♪♪

Monday, June 23, 2008


i have arrived at the 『不動産王』's site!!! (property king)

for today

there is an interview from TVpia★

im really happy as its the first time the property king's members get to have an interview o(^ヮ^)o

there will be more and more interview for this show♪♪

a gifts from the staff

after eating the butter sandwiches,

we are going for the show★


did you watch the 11 episode of 『スミレ16歳!!』??? (sumire sixteen!!)

if you didnt bring a handkerchief

you wouldnt be able to watch it(u_u)o〃★

guys its good to be touched♪

please enjoy it to the end>^_^<

please give your feedback ok♪♪♪


as im heading to the site,

it started to drip and rain(>_<)

it was still fine weather when im at home(;_;)

i didnt bring an umbrella so i used the magazine i bought……

and the magazine became all wet and soft!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

first time☆

next we went to a really huge supermarket!!!

its Costco☆

all the products and things in there felt like we were abroad in another country(u_u)o〃☆

i really like this feeling~♪♪

im really excited as its my first time visiting this place,

that i went around and around the place(◎o◎)

guys have you visit Costco???

there must be alot of people wanting to go as recently you can see it in the tv>^_^<

it was fun~★

i really got carried away,

i bought a really big size potato chip!!!
(consomme punch flavor isnt it☆←this is important(laugh))

it has a meaning to it、something that an adult will buy~(≧▽≦)

furthermore、something that im really glad about is that

i never use any bags at all!!!

i brought the things i bought home just like that

we brought our own cardboard boxes for the groceries!!!

its really eco friendly right(o^-’)b

we will come back again~★


after the play

i went to Odaiba again\(~δ~)/

as i reached there in no time by car, i went for my favourite shopping☆

today i tried the UFO catcher which i havent done in a while(≧▽≦)

i was pretty good at it previously,

but now my arm went rusty~

i couldnt catch a thing at all↓↓(laugh)

my elder sister was really incredible!!

she caught a doll as big as my niece

in 1 try★★★

and everyone did a high-five(^・^)Chu♪

im going get really into the UFO catcher again( ̄▽ ̄)(laugh)

the best!!

i went to watch

KAKUTA-san's stage play called 『Root Beers』☆

as expected, KAKUTA-san is really the best!!

because my manager and i are KAKUTA-san's fans,

we are really touched everytime we watch his work be it his acting or his talk!

this time we came to watch the talk and the performance but there are some parts that we missed

its like watching a movie(≧▽≦)

if you have time i really recommend this show to you♪♪♪

i met up with my 『すけだち』-mates (suketachi)

Narikiyo-san and Tamura-san=^ェ^=

im always ready to watch a KAKUTA-san's stage play★

Saturday, June 21, 2008

hey~* ̄0 ̄)ノ

after the gathering with my hometown friends,

although only two person came to my house for sleep over,

we went wild around the placeι(◎д◎)ノヾ

with that, it started to get dirtier and dirtier^^;(laugh)

after my friends went back home

its really agonizing to be cleaning by myself(>_<)

is there anyone who can help me with my cleaning???!!!(laugh)

Friday, June 20, 2008


today is hometown day isnt it=^ェ^=

futhermore, 6 out of 8 people had gathered!!!

it was great(^.^)♪

it was really fun

i really love my close friends(^・^)Chu♪

we plan to have a takoyaki party nextへ(^-^)乂(^o^)ノ

the sauce for takoyaki is important right???

someone please teach me~~~


during the night

i went to watch the live concert of the Turtles☆

although my partner, from my regular radio show, No-button is the drumer of the band,

he wasnt silly at all when he is in the band!!!!

he was alittle energetic so i could see some coolness out of him( ̄▽ ̄)(laugh)

the entire band was really cool too

its really going to feel great when one is able to sing with the band★

i hope we can complete the song soon>^_^<

can you guys see a bandman in me!!!???(laugh)


the event was fun☆

as im usually the guest, now that im the MC its really fun isnt it o(^ヮ^)o

although it didnt rain,

it was cloudy, and the wind was strong

to those who came thank you very much>^_^<

the broadcast for today will be on 26th of June on Radio Nippon!!!

please listen to it ok♪♪♪

its turns out that the wind got so strong that my hair got stuck in my ears(>_<)

it became gross and sticky…

i should have tie my hair up(;_;)

frequently occurs!!

today i will be doing my MC-ing in a new dress♪♪

because the dress looks rather matured

i have to let down my hair too isnt it(≧ε≦)☆

we had the Boat・Town・Festival at Akarenga warehouse

there was an open recording at the event there

and there were alot of booths selling delicious food ~(≧▽≦)

i had an ikuradon★ (salmon roe rice)


this problem usually occurs

i got 2 serving dish instead of 1 ^^;(laugh)

its the same pattern no matter its at the food stall or at the deli isnt it!!!(laugh)

after eating my ikuradon im heading for my rehearsal\(~δ~)/

since morning★

since morning my niece have been watching Ariel!!

she is sitting on top of the chair with a high leg cross(laugh)

i actually took a front shot of her,

but her trousers were torn。。。


its at the important area^^;(laugh)

after saying byebye to my cute niece

i headed for Yokohama's Akarenga warehouse's front for an open radio recording★

for those who have time do come down at 3.30pm ok\(~δ~)/

Thursday, June 19, 2008


it turned out that im servicing my family for a day

but that does happen sometim☆o(^ヮ^)o

i went out without makeup for a day★( ̄▽ ̄)v

lastly i drank my dark cherries juice before we went home=^ェ^=

got a surprise☆

today is a slow pace day★

my family and i went to visit my grandmother>^_^<

i did mention about it in my previous blog,

my grandmother's house got a crossbreed Genta-kun o(^ヮ^)o

its cute isnt it♪♪

now im going to introduce the Genta-kun's goods!!!

on the TIROL-CHOCO's packaging is Genta-kun\(~δ~)/

thats not bad isnt it!!??

after finishing the chocolate

you can keep the paper at the back of the box★

wouldnt it be good to have a Tokito aMi's good just like this???(≧▽≦)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

thanks for your hardwork☆

i went for the recording of 『ケーズステーション』♪♪ (case station)

we talked alot about yesterday's meal's conversations☆

as its really interesting

please☆ listen to it♪ and watch it>^_^<

that's my close friend that i really like KanaTomo-san★

with that, did you guys check out case station already!!!???

it was fun♪

to those who came!!

and those who tune in to listen!!!

thank you very much♪

that was how rock climbing felt like\(~δ~)/

because it was way too fun,

when i have time i will visit there again☆

those who havent try it before

do give it a try(≧▽≦)

you will really get into it~↑↑↑

as there are pictures posted on the TFM's homepage, please do go and have a look ok(o^-’)b

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