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Friday, November 30, 2007


i went to cut my fringe♪

it was getting long and was starting to irritate me(>_<)

but after the cut, i looked just like an elementary school kid ^^;

the hairdresser also said that 「you have an incredible baby face」( ̄▽ ̄)(laugh)

when will my face become more adult like?~(T_T)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

desired item♪

i saw it in a magazine,
i really wanted the room-fragrance that i went on to buy it☆

its a very strong strawberry fragrance

i quickly used it on my room and suddenly my room was filled with strawberry smell~(^・^)Chu♪

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


my work brings me to Shinjuku♪

talking about Shinjuku... it does bring back my memory of this summer's theater play 「Suketachi」~(≧▽≦)

ahh~ its so nostalgic(>_<)

although i was there for 2weeks, but to tell the true i never really get a chance to see the front entrance of the Shinjuku Koma Theater!!!

that is why i'm taking a photo-mail of it~(o^-’)b

with this i went home thinking about going up the stage to perform once again★


have you read my photobook yet~???

infront of me is 1000 signed books, in order to complete these 1000 books i'm signing 400 today♪

400 are really overwhelming!!!

i'm going to finish it soon☆

come to think of it, if i add up those that i had signed previously, i would had sign 1200 books in total!!

i feel so cheated( ̄▽ ̄)(laugh)

for those who have not read the photobook, do quickly go check it out

guest performance!!!

i went as a guest to perform for 「The drug stimulant abuse prevention motion Saitama conference」☆

information about drugs and stimulant were learned pleasantly through lectures and games(o^-’)b

after some studies about it, i felt that it was a really scary thing m(__)m

after the studies, there was the NACK5「Ichigo X」's open recording and a mini-live performance♪

the mini-live really changes the mood of the event and its really fun↑↑

i was able to sing infront of those in uniform,
people in suits, boy scouts
and many other people
its reallly refreshing and fun(≧▽≦)

i managed to befriend Saitama Kenritsu Souka Nishi high school's Ryuji-kun,
Akihiro-kun, Ai-chan and the school principal and we took a picture message together♪

NACK5's Kozima-san and also No-Button♪♪

it was a really important and fun event o(^-^)o

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


i went for an influenza inoculation(>_<)

the people who went for the injection were healthy but the medicine for influenza is surely painful, don't you think↓↓

i really hated the painful injection m(__)m

but with this, there is a 80% protection against the virus!!!

everyone should quickly go for the vaccination as it is good for you(o^-’)b

Monday, November 26, 2007


i went to the nail salon to get my handphone decorated♪

my phone's top part was previously decorated so now i'm going to decorate it fully ↑↑(≧▽≦)

my phone had became so shiny that it feels liked it will gives out a sparking noise(o^-’)b

my fully decorated phone is going to get heavy(>_<)

but with today's advance technology which makes the phone so light does help to neutralise the heavy decoration♪(laugh)

「such decorated phone does give a sense of achievement~」

even the nailist was saying that☆

guess i have to treat it with great care★

Sunday, November 25, 2007

so embarrassing↓↓

i've received a picture message from my manager, i wonder why………

it was me fallen asleep while still holding on to my handphone during yestersday's filming break-timeeee(>д<)

as i was wearing a kimono, my belly was in great discomfort, i was actually sleeping in pain ^^;

Saturday, November 24, 2007


i went for the filming of a programme☆

in today's programme,
together with Sone, Abebe and Shokotan, all of us were having lots of fun(^・^)Chu♪

after gotten my vigor from drinking Oronamin C, i went for the filming(≧▽≦)★

Friday, November 23, 2007

the second☆

the second trading card event has ended♪

we did it at the Fukuya Book Shop☆

i'm so happy there as we managed to sell a carton of cards♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

it really raises up our mood as it is rare to see such results↑↑★

i'm so glad to see many new faces coming to buy the cards♪♪♪

this time, i'm wearing boots which looks fashionable(o^-’)b


it's my first trading card sales☆

kyaaaa i'm so happy(≧▽≦)

other than the limited edition cards all have sold out, it's really commemorable
isn't it↑↑↑

i'm absolutely going to show it to my kids in the future♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

the first Shosen Book Mart event is done☆

Thursday, November 22, 2007


i went for the filming of 『タカトシの空飛ぶチェリーパイ』♪(Takatoshi's Flying Cherry Pie)

using high class cuisine as stake, we used drawings to play ShiritoRelay★

all of you know that i'm very bad in my drawing right!?(laugh)

but as i became 20 years old, i will try to get better in it(^O^)

please look forward to the broadcast♪

as for my costume, i'm wearing an artist clothes and for my feet i'm wearing school shoes

how many years has it been!!!??? it felt so delightful☆

this time i would like to wear the gymnasium's shoe♪♪(laugh)


and then!!

today my niece became 3 years old☆(^o^)//"""""""clapclap

it should be delightful as it's something for oneself★

its really interesting that how a human grows↑↑

as she is already 3 years old,
this morning she sang Dream Come True's Random with great passion (o^-’)b(laugh)

later, No-Button from NACK5 is also celebrating his birthday☆

as its a joyous day, so No-Button some how tried to received the joy(≧▽≦)(laugh)

After all, don't you think that everyone's birthday is a special day★

i want to become 21years old as soon as possible so that i can have a party(●^o^●)(laugh)


i have gotten hold of the 「Suketachi」 DVD (●^o^●)↑↑↑

i'll be watching it first♪♪

i'm so looking forward to this DVD☆

it will be on sales on 5th of December, please do try to watch it(o^-’)b

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


my friends have taken a liking to my "mama" phone strap☆

everyone is saying that it looked cute,
those who know about "my mama"
will suddenly go
「you strapped mama!」(≧▽≦)(laugh)

maybe i should collect other "mama"s too↑↑

by the way, monchhichi's mama looked alot like betty boop(o^-’)b

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

failure to understand...(laugh)

and the result for the DS's talent training game is…………

[Gyari's extra translation of what is written in the picture: (left)your brain is very much asleep, don't lose heart. (right)your brain age is 54 years old]

failure to understand!!!(laugh)

and i was trying my best to solve the questions↓↓(>_<)

i'll challenge it again after a long sleep( ̄^ ̄)y-~~

and then and then!!

my relative, whom i mentioned before in my blog, who went abroad for studies, came back today☆(≧▽≦)

i'm so happy♪♪♪

i will be hearing about what my relative had doned ever since going abroad in May,
and there will be alot of talking about daily stuff(o^-’)b

maybe i should ask my relative for help when i'm playing the game★


wearing the tube-one-piece makes me looked erotic(≧▽≦)(laugh)

looks alittle like i'm naked doesn't it☆

Monday, November 19, 2007


the clothings are so cuteー(≧▽≦)

the pink ones looked like those that you would wear for a date, its so cute☆

the pointer for the red ones is the white flower on the hair☆☆

ahh~ i really wanted those clothes ahhhhh(>д<)


now i'll be doing my makeup for the photoshoot of 『BIG tomorrow』★

yesterday i received the reserved birthday present from my dad o(^ヮ^)o

its a pair of earrings☆★☆

its so shiny and cute, right(≧▽≦)

i'll be wearing it alot♪♪

Sunday, November 18, 2007


as today is my niece's seven-five-three, we went for a photo taking session just for her☆

looking like a model, 4 shots of her in kimono and 1 in a dress were taken☆

she had her hair made and had makeups on♪

as expected she looks really cute(●^o^●)♪♪♪

there were alot of children all around waiting for their turn,
but my niece is still the best(≧▽≦)

↑actually i was trying to not looked liked a stupid aunt there( ̄ω ̄)(laugh)

it was my first time going to the photo studio and the cameraman really amazed me!!

he was able to make all the nervous children there to smile at the camera(@_@)

my niece was able to complete the shoots with a nice face, it was fun~★

Saturday, November 17, 2007


while working and killing time,
i unexpectedly met up with Canaria Club's Ucchii☆

we were so happy that we took a picture(o^-’)b

coincidence does occur↑↑↑

there was another person☆

Shinagawa Shouji-san was another performer in the show,
and i received a book from him★

i'm going to get very moved by the story once i start reading it♪♪

i'm so looking forward to it=^ェ^=


the recording had ended☆

one of the performer was Kojima Yoshio-san,
i took a picture with him as he is my niece's favorite character(≧▽≦)☆

it's the Oppappiー pose♪♪

what a great face(^・^)Chu♪(laugh)


i'm going for the filming of 『ヘキサゴン2 クイズパレード!!』♪(hexegon2 quiz parade)

look at this photo!!

doesn't it looked erotic???!!!(laugh)

i was going to take a normal picture of me when my manager requested,
to make the photo more erotic (>_<)(laugh)

agree or not, i'm going for the filming now!!

first time this year☆

as today is really cold(-_-)

this is my first time in this year that i wear my down jacket(>_<)

i've been wearing it since last year(laugh)

as i really like this jacket i can't bear to change it!!

that is why, i'm wearing it this year too(^・^)Chu♪

please take care and not get a flu☆☆

Friday, November 16, 2007


i went for the filming of 『ごちゃまぜ!金スペ』♪

as Arino-san was there
i received the 『ゲームセンターCX 有野の挑戦状』(Game Centre CX Arino's Challange) from him(≧▽≦)

it has many old games in it☆

wished that i could bring it home to try immediately★

by the way, my mind was mixed up
between 「Invader」 and 「Darthvader」 (;□;)!!

luckily i never said mention anything about it~( ̄ω ̄)(laugh)

Thursday, November 15, 2007


i went for the filming of 『たけしの本当は怖い家庭の医学』♪ (Takeshi's really scary family's medical science)

watching this show at home is scary enough,
to see it live is even scarierrr(;□;)

guys do try out the test when watching the show!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i'm touched!!

before i started to eat,
the guy from the restaurant wanted to see my reaction after tasting something new,
he brought out alot of things☆

when i was asking for water,
he brought out 「Training Water」 which is used for making Shouchuu(japanese spirits)!!

Shouchuu cannot be made without good water!!!

because of that, the water was delicious↑↑

later, he took out 「Drinkable Mirin」!!!

this can be found inside the menu,
its mirin mixed with cream☆

it was tastier than i thought(≧▽≦)

the person behind my cup in the picture
was the guy who brought out all the things・WanWan-san★

Wanwan-san was very caring,
he taught me alot of things(o^-’)b

talking about that, there is alcohol in mirin right!!!??

i didn't knew about that!!

it was a great discovery★

it was delicious,
and was really fun, i hope to come back again♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪


i went for a meal☆

it's my first time drinking beaujolais nouveau (≧▽≦)

although i knew about this such a high class drink,
but i never tried it before!!!

the taste is like……… adult taste~^^;(laugh)

as i'm not accustomed to the taste, i can't tell it's delicious a not??!!☆

having Motsu Nabe and red wine is so adult~★

later, i had Sashimi with salt, its rock salt!!

what is rock salt???(@_@)

salty rock???

salt that hardens?????

well, anyway its salt with a force♪♪(laugh)


having taken this picture,
i'm starting to like my fast growing hair☆☆

i knew my hair was growing abit long recently,
but i never expect it to be this long(>_<)

so guys is long hair better or short hair better~???(≧▽≦)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


i went to Tokyo University↑↑

although i went to the school festival last year, this year there isn't any!!!

i went to the lecture in Virtual World・Second Life☆

i was just playing around in Second Life ^^;(laugh)

it was fun to meet the students from
Tokyo University inside Second Life(^-^)ノ


this is my first time going out together with my senior Nakagawa Shouko for lunch just the two of us♪

before this, we always said that we wanted to go out together,
but we never got a chance to do so(>_<)

but today we finally get to go for our lunch date★(o^-^o)

it was so funnnn(≧▽≦)

as we chat alot(too much),
half way through we got pretty wore out^^;(laugh)

after this we went to have alot of fun,
this really makes me think that any activities we do will be good(o^-’)b

we became「new friend」→→「close friend」ー(●^o^●)☆

Shokotan! please take good care of me from now on☆★☆

☆additional photo taken from Shokotan's Blog☆-Gyari

Monday, November 12, 2007


i went for the recording of NHK's 「The・Net Star」tv programme☆

many internet websites will be introduced(o^-’)b

the improved internet is so amazing!!

although there will be some fault points to it but to be able to make a website where companions can be made, its really a job where you can do the things you like★

i really have to study more(≧ε≦)

the clothes i wore were really cute, so do look forward to the show~♪♪♪

Sunday, November 11, 2007

aidai festival♪

Aichi University's school festival was really fun(≧▽≦)↑↑↑

having the students
and my fans there
really brings up the mood,
and alot of songs were sung,
it really felt like a true live-concert♪♪♪

i'm giving a shout out "thank you very much"★

i enjoyed all the games and the lucky draw(o^-’)b

i'll try shouting again(^-^)ノ

guys from Aichi!
organisers of the festival!!
the staffs!!!

thanks for taking good care of me☆
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