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Monday, March 31, 2008


the filming has ended\(~δ~)/

we did alot of filming today♪♪

its really fun to be filming with everyone(o^-’)b

i also did the angry scene☆




we took this picture while pretending to be each other★

Otoo-san who acted as the oyaji is a really kind person!!!

he always watches over us,

his a moodmaker♪♪♪

look forward to the oyaji who is acted by the kind Otoo-san~=^ェ^=


as we did our filming of the drama within the school,

we went to meet the teachers whom we borrowed for the filming o(^ヮ^)o

thank you very much for everything >^_^<

somehow its been a long time since i get to mingle well with the teachers

somehow it felt nostalgic♪♪♪

now i feel like meeting my ex-teachers(≧▽≦)

and those teachers whom i didnt get to know well during that time

now if i meet them, i will try to get to know them well☆

i want to go back to school again(≧ε≦)


the script for episode 9 ~ final episode has arrived☆

although i have always been acting,

this part is where all the focal point will be

and this is where i get sloppy the most(>_<)

it will end with this,

so i think i will do my best for it♪♪

it will be broadcast on 13th of April, so look forward to it ok~=^ェ^=☆

im angry!!

good morning☆

we will be filming today too♪♪

every morning i have to rush around

its tough………

dont you think so!!!???* ̄0 ̄)ノ

but then!!!

its so fun at the site, im perfectly all right with it(o^-’)b

as the casts and the staffs can film in harmony

it really raises one's spirits↑↑(≧▽≦)

im getting nervous today as there is a scene where i have to act angry!!!

its because i seldom get angry^^;

during the rehearsal before

『the students in the class are not quiet at all!』

is what im suppose to say(>_<)

then during the filming,

i put all my feelings into it

and really gets angry(u_u)o〃

↑its a weird declaration isnt it(laugh)

ok im going for my makeup★

going back home♪

im returning home now☆

as we are living in a communal life,

no matter what, flu will spread very easily isnt it↓↓↓

both Renge-chan and me have become masked man

its for prevention(o^-’)b

Uwasa(the real person) said that………

『recently i've caught a cold、its only me isnt it~』by Oyaji (father)


please give us a break( ̄▽ ̄)(laugh)

inorder not to catch a cold,

i have to quickly get to bed

i will do my best for tomorrow too(o^-^o)

its finished☆

the filming has ended♪♪

its a 3 person scene with
Hirata Kaoru-chan as Renge and Matsuda Saki-san as Yamabuki★

i become great friend with Renge-chan(≧▽≦)

this time i went to a sleep overrrr(^・^)Chu♪

its my first time meeting Yamabuki-sensei,

she looked just like the manga Yamabuki-sensei,

sooooo pretty☆

even though im a girl, she makes me feel excited=^ェ^=

we shall take a picture together next time★

with that, im changing my clothes now ok(^-^)ノ

Sunday, March 30, 2008


its the filming of 『スミレ16歳!!』☆ (Sumire 16 years old!!)

unfortunately it rained today↓↓↓

i dont feel good as i cant walk under the blooming sakura flowers(;_;)

this will affect the filming isnt it↓↓↓

Sunny girl cant make it sunny!!!

and, my index finger nail broke↓↓

and i waited so long for it to grow long and pretty(;_;)

this sucks~( ̄^ ̄)y-~~

off shot☆

the DVD filming's japanese house series☆(^O^)

one piece★



which aMi do you like the most???(o^-^o)


in celebration for my adulthood, i received a digital camara from Tsuku♂-san(≧▽≦)

i bought a printer

but didnt buy a digital camara^^;

from now on i will take alot of pictures for memories(^・^)Chu♪

its finished!!!

its finissssshed!!!(^O^)

7hours of live broadcast has ennnnnded☆

to those who have watched it☆
thank you very much o(^ヮ^)o

although im little sleepy,

there is a sense of completion in it isnt it o(^ヮ^)o

im was the assistant,

although it was my first time and the end product wasnt that delicious,

i really learned alot from it!!!

tomorrow will be the drama filming that i have had in a while♪♪♪

i will become Mizuki(o^-’)b

good night(u_u)o〃

Saturday, March 29, 2008

second round♪

i have arrived at the 2nd event area☆

with that, im getting hungryー(+_+)

i havent eat anything yet^^;

because i saw the Matsuya shop when i came over

its my favourite set

i ate that butabuta set\(~δ~)/ (pork pork set)

i did mention about it before in my blog,

im really into this food now★

with this,

i became 『元気100倍アンパンマン』(o^-’)b (100 times vigor Anpan-man)

the glasses for the second round is this and im off♪


and, before i go over

im being interviewed♪♪♪

it will appear on various area so do look out for them ok☆

thank you☆

to those who came!!!
thank you very much>^_^<

i so glad that so many of you came(≧▽≦)

but, with that

alot of people were looking at me right………

im embarrassed^^;(laugh)

it probably looked like im staring into the empty space!!(+_+)

please get a liking to this face expression ok☆

im going over to the next area(^-^)ノ~~

it begins♪♪

the first DVD sales event is about to start↑↑(^O^)

somehow im feeling rather nervous(>_<)(laugh)

as there will be a mini live,

please do get high during the live♪♪♪

by the way,

the first round's glasses is this★

sore throat

i caught it~。。。

as spring slowly approaches,

its warm during the day

and cold during the night!!

and then my throat becomes painful(>д<)

although it will be fine if i dont sing,

i bought some Ryuukakusan throat candy to relieve the pain(u_u)o〃

with that, while licking the candy

im heading to Akihabara(^-^)ノ~~

Friday, March 28, 2008

it was fun☆

it was really fun wasnt it(;_;)

as its my first time doing live & picture taking session, guys did you have fun???>^_^<

it was really fun for me☆

as i dont know when the next event will be,

i hoped it will start soon♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

wait for it ok★

to those who participated at least once♪

the staffs♪

thank you very much(^-^)ノ~~

as there will be another event tomorrow, please wait for it ok↑↑(^O^)


lastly is this★

during the 『せんちめんたるじぇねれ~しょん』's PV (sentimental generation)

the pink uniform that i always wearing during my debut☆

this costume is Tokito aMi isnt it!!

with that, alot of people are wearing it!!?(^.^)

this costume, is still my favourite(≧▽≦)

im alittle embarrassed as i seldom wear it

do i wear it once in awhile??( ̄▽ ̄)v(laugh)

although trying not to make any weird faces when im singing for the picture taking is making me anxious,

but i think that its an important time for all of you so do take alot of pictures ok(o^-’)b


next is the one that i wore during my 20years old birthday celebration with the fan club

its the china wear\(~δ~)/

why did i wore this china clothing during my birthday party,

im still puzzled now(+_+)(laugh)

im really touched by that event~☆

the surprise message from everyone>^_^<

once again i really love you all(^・^)Chu♪

next will be the picture taking event and it will be the last event too!!!

do take alot of pictures during my next song ok♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

2nd costume☆

next is this!!!

its my first time wearing it☆

its 『School Rumble』's main character Tsukamoto Tenma-chan★

as im singing the theme song

that is why im cosplaying it(^^ゞ

but the real character dont wear any glasses at all isnt it^^;

and then, with this

its the lucky draw event♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

posters・wine glass・clothings will be given out★

congratulations to those who won the lucky draw\(~δ~)/

please enjoy them☆

what will the next costume be~???(^O^)


『spring's Tokito festival』 is about to begin~♪

first, is the 『愛ヤイ 愛ヤイ!』's PV costume☆ (aiyai aiyai!)

as its been along time since i last wore it

i have forgotten how to wear it^^;(laugh)

its rather difficult to wear(+_+)

this costume is called Saku-Rider,

its in pink

it took 26hours to shoot the PV!!!

i will be recollecting other memories too(o^-’)b

i want to wear it again some other time>^_^<

so~☆ what will be the next costume~???(^.^)


the fan club event is tonight♪♪♪

this time, there will be phototaking event and lucky draw event, im so excited(o^-^o)

by the way its time for rehearsal♪♪♪

team Sumire???!

the gathering of team Sumire(≧▽≦)

im so happyyyy♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

everyone looks like the real thing isnt it☆

but, while we are at it and took a picture

we forgotten about the father* ̄0 ̄)ノ(laugh)

team Sumire is not complete(laugh)

next time we take a photo we will not leave him out☆

my scenes are almost done♪♪

im going over to my next job(>_<)

im looking forward to the next gathering>^_^<


although we are doing the after school scene,

its just the 『walking』 part for Mizuki-chan

and alot of feelings had to be put into it.

i will do my best to show the feelings★

the director even commended me=^ェ^=

guys when you watch it too

please take a note of the change of mood ok♪♪

good morning☆

we are doing the 『スミレ16歳!!』 (Sumire 16years old!!) filming today morning too★

now we are doing the long awaited filming(^.^)

it seem like all the casts except me have to stay for about 3hours over night for the filming,

its really tough↓↓

but, everyone is doing their best as their faces did not look like that at all

today's filming have alot of students too

alot of them came to watch it♪♪♪

next will be my shoot☆

im going over now ok(^-^)ノ~~

Thursday, March 27, 2008

shopping items☆

i went for a shop☆

what did i buy,

firstly its 2 books!!!

my favourite Asano Atsuko-san's 『THE MANZAI』 and
Nabeta Tomohisa-san's 『運は自分でつかむもの 奇跡は自分で起こすもの』 (luck is grabbed by yourself miracle is created by yourself)

im in love with both☆

later, i went to the UFO catcher for my niece

and caught 3 items

i got them all in one try★

really amazing isnt it>^_^<☆

its so exciting↑↑

and later, i bought a purse!!!

as i kept using the one before

from my manager

『an entertainer's dream is to be able to do all the work that is dished out at them,
with this old ragged purse you wouldnt have any dreams at all(laugh)』

and that is what she said(+_+)

well, if i can recall its because i use that purse alot right^^;(laugh)

with this i will be able to complete everyone's dream(o^-’)b(laugh)

and to end this, so who went shopping with me………

2days in a row

its Kurashina Kana-chan~(^・^)Chu♪


its the DVD off-shot♪♪

you get to see it on the jacket

me cosplaying a bank clerk☆

it has alittle mature feel to it right>^_^<

Jill-of-all-trades!!! i want to watch it~★

it seems liked i went into a jail cell^^;(笑)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

good friend☆

i went for a meal with my very good friend Kurashina Kana-chan♪♪♪

today we chat and chat!!!

and then,

we sing and sing!!!

we talked about work and private stuffs

we have a very good relationship♪♪♪

today i became Kana-chan's teacher,
it feels like im giving lectures when we chat^^;(laugh)

but, something shocked us

when we try to sing Otamoto Mayo-san and Hirose Koumi-san's songs

we dont really know how( ̄▽ ̄)

we were really bad at it↓↓(laugh)

when we have each other,

during difficult times,

or laughable times,

we will always hang out together♪♪♪

so when can we hang out again………(laugh)


i went for the recording of 『ケーズステーション』☆ (K'z Station)

as the MCs are America Zarigani-san and Kaneda Tomoko-san

its really interesting!!!(≧▽≦)

i kept laughing!!!

as it will be broadcast on April,

there will be video images too

please have a good laugh while watching it♪♪


my day ends with this☆

lets go for a mealー\(~δ~)/


im doing some preparations for the 28th fan club event♪

what i will be doing on the day has yet to be decided but

the lucky draw corner's gifts had been decided★

there are really good items in it too so do look forward to it ok!!!

do pay attention during the lucky draw☆(laugh)

i also did alot of signing

it wont be a failure♪♪

look forward to that day>^_^<

did you read it!!!???

did you read today's SANSPO???=^ェ^=

im being covered☆


its below Tsunku♂-san's article★

its about Tsunku♂-san's babies~

somehow others will feel jealous about it(+_+)(laugh)

Tsuku♂-san is the producer,

he is an elder brother who is willing to lend a ear to you,

and his a kind father too(>_<)

but, how will the babies looks like? its so exciting right(o^-^o)

i will definitely pay him a visit♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪


he is my company's president♪♪

his a really kind boss☆

with that, im keeping this picture without his regards^^;

its probably

the manager's work (that he is looking at)………

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


i forgot about the posting of the DVD off-shots(+_+)

im sorry↓↓↓

today is the bathhouse series♪♪♪

theres more to come~(o^-’)b

thanks for the hardwork☆

thanks for the hardwork for today too★

going home after a hard day's work、

i play with my niece, and i get even more tired!!

today, my niece brought home the drawing of her mother's face from the nursery

she showed me alot of paper planes>^_^<

mother's face is, its mother's day,

『its a perfect copy of round forestry』( ̄▽ ̄)v(laugh)

the paper planes are

『トンボのメガネは飛行機メガネ』 (dragonfly's glasses is an airplane glasses)

(my niece) was singing it and skipping away↑↑


i totally do not understand it at all* ̄0 ̄)ノ(laugh)

no matter what she does, she will always be cute

it should be like this right(o^-’)b
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