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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

i've signed them all☆

i had signed exactly 1000 books☆

as i normally do not get to sign as many,
it feels like i'm a super celebrity♪♪♪

i hope i could give it out to everyone as early as possible o(^ヮ^)o

please do enjoy the handing out event(o^-^o)☆

its finished♪

the outdoor filming has ended!!

i've become friends with the people from Garage Sale and
the guests from Football Hour,
the filming was really fun☆

but there were alot of running around, my muscles are going to hurt tomorrow(´Д`)(laugh)

next, for the sake of my photobook release event, i went to autograph the books★

there were about 1000 books there……
i sign each book with all my feelings put into it(o^-’)b

i'm went to buy my favourite cocoa drink which is shown in the picture,
i play around with it on top of the shop's standing signboard♪

i'm sorry =^ェ^=(laugh)

outdoor filming☆

the outdoor filming will now begin★

the waiting room is huge(@_@)(laugh)

it makes you want to try sitting in the back(o^-’)b

i'll be wearing electrode pads for the first time in my first, let's go for the filming now =^ェ^=

although i'm slow ^^;

although i'm on the move, i'm hammering this☆

DS's 「レイトン教授と不思議な町(Professor Layton and the Curious Village)」☆

although i just started playing today, it was really interesting >^_^<

i haven't really solved any puzzle yettttt (´Д`)slow


YEAH!!! its Halloween↑(●^o^●)

although i'm saying this but there won't be any costume party today ^^;

by the way, its 5.30am now (>д<)

i'm going to the outdoor filming for the show 「Garage Village」☆

i'm going out♪♪♪

anyway, i'm going for my makeup now (^-^)ノ~~

i found something interesting infront of the makeup room!!

AED was printed on the vending machine!!!

i'm so touched by it☆

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

it has been a long time☆

its done~★

although i'm very nervous but it was really fun singing together with Yasuda-san(≧▽≦)

i'm so happy that Yasuda-san too said that 「it was fun♪」★

among the artists whom had participated in this program
was 2丁拳銃(nichoukenjyuu)'s Kawatani-san who had performed together with me in 「Suketachi」,
it's been a long time since we met~=^ェ^=

it was a fun 6hour plus recording,
i'd become friends with all the artists who had participated in this program!!!

please stay tune for the telecast~☆

song battle♪

i'm going to the
「Thursday☆Super Tonight the artist will be very serious! The Strongest Duet Song Battle 2」
for its special recording☆

its my first time singing a duet of other people's song♪♪

i'm singing a duet with Yasuda Kei-san!!!

i'm not supposed to say what songs we are singing but as always, we will do our best for it(o^-^o)

waaah~i'm so nervous~(◎o◎)

getting more matured!!!

although i'm very bad in reading novel,
i managed to read a very thick book☆

the book is called 「Outlet blues」!!

this was actually a true story of the author, while reading it,
it gives a 「there are alot of different lifes that different people lives in」 feeling to it☆

there are alot of encouraging words written in it,
you will get to understand what the author is trying to convey★

to always look forward =^ェ^=

this book is actually really very thick,
but the more i read it the more i feel i've matured(≧▽≦)

hobby→reading books.

saying so, i have slowly gain a liking on reading books(^・^)Chu♪

from now on i will be reading more books♪♪♪

Monday, October 29, 2007


today is our Tsunku♂-san's 39th birthday☆

the birthday party had begun♪

everyone from Hello!Project・
THE Possible・Canaria Club・ARAKEN-san・
Nitta-kun...etc aaaalot of people came>^_^<

to be able to have so many people gather together,
it can only be Tsunku♂-san, as i think he is very charismatic★

there were singing and everyone presented their presents,
it was a fantastic birthday party(o^-^o)

my present was a photoframe which i put alot of effort into it♪♪♪

there was also alot of delicious food at the party,
the one that i liked the most was
a present from Tsunku♂-san's father, it was 「Matsutake mushroom」!!!

the one dish everyone was waiting has made its appearance, its the Matsutake mushroom rice☆

it's really fragrant(●^o^●)

it was extravagant~♪

Tsunku♂-san's birthday party was really fun, it was great☆

HappyBirthday Tsunku♂-san♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

i'm home☆

i reached home at 12pm!!★

it was a long day(>_<)

i went to Gunma for the recording of the show 「JUMP」☆

it was the recording for the corner 『密告中』,
it was really fun(≧▽≦)

the game was so thrilling, i was so nervous
i was hammering away~( ̄ω ̄)☆☆

remember to check out the show to see our effort that was put into the game★

hope i can do it again↑↑↑

Sunday, October 28, 2007

man's test!!!

i went for the recording of 「London Heart」's 「Man's Test」☆

i had participated in the previous corner called 「Grade the right ladies」 before,
but this time will be very difficult compared to the previous one↓↓↓

i'm trying my best to study and understand what is in a guy's mind(>_<)

ladies who are watching the show, please try the test together★

while i'm talking about this, the time had just turned 1am~(@_@)

the outdoor filming hasn't start yet(>д<)

this is my wish(to try the test together) for my sleepless night(o^-’)b(laugh)

nice smell☆

the tatami mats in my house had been changed recently♪♪

its blue and has a nice smell to it(o^-^o)

it feels so warm and cosy(o^-’)b

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gari Gari-kun☆

i went to Nagano for work
together with the Pokasukashan gang
later, i was given a T-shirt☆

it's cute, isn't it♪♪♪

i'll be wearing this for work(^・^)Chu♪

Gari Gari-kun♪Gari Gari-kun♪♪

my second one!!!

while i was heading towards Fuji TV my umbrella broke(>д<)

it was my second umbrella that broke today↓↓↓

my manager also came with a broken umbrella!!(laugh)

we burst into laugher once we reached Fuji TV,
both of us were totally drenched^^;

as the sea was near, the road became very slippery(´Д`)


oh no there's a typhoonー!!!

i went out to work from my house,
but after 5 minutes of walk, my umbrella broke
i had to walk back home with my broken umbrella↓↓↓

its so cold~(>_<)

once i get ready(top), its time to go!!!

i won't lose to the typhoon!!(`ε´)

Friday, October 26, 2007


after the event i went out for a meal☆

i went out with members from futsal's Xanadu team
they are MANAMI-san, Takishima Azusa-san and Ooshima Mai-chan(AKB48)>^_^<

it was my first time going out for a meal with them,
its gonna be great↑↑↑

i'm glad that my friends had increased♪(o^-^o)

i think from now on we will become close friends(^-^)ノ

by the way...

this was how my socks looked like inside my boots that i wore with my costume today

it looked like those socks one would wear during junior high~♪(laugh)

it was fun☆

for those who went to the grand opening of Ishimaru Electrics
thank you very much★★

i sang 5 songs during the event,
and there was a speech given by the special guest No-Button
it was good that everyone was enjoying the event(≧▽≦)

I'll be happy if you can post your impressions and feelings on BBS =^ェ^=

there will be another event for my photobook,
lets have somemore fun together♪♪♪

please tune in to NACK5's 「ICHIGO X」(●^o^●)


my photobook 『ぁみの取り扱い説明書』
which will be on sales on 3rd of november
and i was able to check it out first~☆☆☆

it's good!!!

how i would describe it will be,
to be able to see Tokito Ami lazing around which is good(o^-’)b(laugh)

there will be gravure photos in it
but it is very epoch-making as it is a guide book to the virtual world!!!

please look forward to it as there will be a sales event for it(≧▽≦)

i will brag to my family about it once i reached home★

ishimaru electrics grand opening☆

Ishimaru electrics grand opening is about to begin☆

today, i'll be wearing my one-man-live costume, i recognised it once i saw it♪

i'm glad that i can still remember it(o^-^o)

while walking bare-footed in the waiting room, i felt something under my feet!!

it was a needle(@_@)

luckly it was lying flat down,
if not it could have been dangerous(>д<)

with that, i was able to proceed with the event safe and sound


i went to make my nails♪

as it looks good,
the previous french pink nails has just become my favourite nail color so now i will try using more pink ~(o^-’)b

as there will be a hand shake event today remember to check out my nails★

its been a long time since i did an event, its going to be fun ~=^ェ^=

i'll be singing alot of songs and there will be a special guest coming too☆☆☆

do look forward to it~(o^-^o)

Thursday, October 25, 2007


i went to meet my cousin's new borned baby★

i'm very touched to be able to see a one day old baby >^_^<

the baby's so small and so cute!!!

my cousin's belly went back to it's original size,
giving birth feels like a miracle o(^-^)o

anyway, i'm glab that both the mother and child are safe and healthy(≧▽≦)

i ate the limited supply cream puff in the car while going back home♪

↑↑once i heard the 「freshly baked limited supply cream puff」 announcement in the deparmental store,
i immediately went to buy it,
come to think of it, i didn't really know what items were actually on limited supply ^^;(laugh)

it's good that i was alert and bought the cream puff(+_+)

it was so delicious~(o^-’)b

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


i drank 「Yuzu Drink」 during the interval of my photo shoot, it was deliciousー)^o^(

do try it too…☆☆

today too☆

i'm having the photo shoot for 「Sabra」 today too☆

as a pink carpet will be used for the first shoot,
i tried putting "my mama"(monchiichi) on it(^O^)

so~ can you find where it is~???( ̄ω ̄)(laugh)

everything i wore today looked very fashionable♪♪♪

please look forward to it after its completion(o^-^o)

i found it☆

i found my white knitted hat!!!

after careful searching around my room, i managed to find it inside my collections of hats ^^;

quickly putting it on, i left my home for work★

i tried using H/K(← because i'm changing my topic)( ̄ω ̄)(laugh)

today at 9 o'clock my family members had increased(o^-^o)

my cousin gave birth to a son☆

i'm so happy★★★

i can't wait to meet him(≧▽≦)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i unexpectedly met Sone(Gyaru Sone-chan) at fuji TV!!!

as we are friends i don't address her as Sonene but just Sone☆(laugh)

i knew she will be in fuji TV but i don't know what time her work will end,
so i waited for her after my work for about an hour =^ェ^=

although we do chat on the phone but we seldom go out together so we were very happy when we get to meet each other♪♪♪

Sone!!! lets go out together when we have time☆☆☆


i'm doing a gravure photo shoot for the magazine 「Sabra」☆

it's for 「Hatsu Sabra」★

i was very nervous as it was my first time doing a magazine photo shoot (◎o◎)

the photo shoot had a japanese theme to it,so please look forward to it (o^-’)b

Monday, October 22, 2007


after my hair cut, i went to MosBurger for their Yakiniku burger,
recently i've been eating quite alot of yakiniku(>_<)

i've been having alot of yakiniku for supper that i've become a glutton(>д<)

it's time for me to have some fish after eating so many meat!!!

guys remember to have a balance meal tooー(o^-^o)☆\


i went to a salon☆

firstly to shampoo my hairー♪♪♪

my hair was washed at a very fast speed★(laugh)

next my hair was cut without changing the length just for tidying it up(^O^)

my hair has become prettier~☆

Sunday, October 21, 2007

red frame☆

i bought a pair of personal glasses and a knitted hat☆

it has been 2 years since i last bought a pair of red spectacles (^O^)

it felt great as i looked more intelligent in it~(laugh)

the knitted hat i bought is brown in color★

before this i bought a white one,
i wore it everyday but was lost and couldn't be found↓↓↓

it was my favourite tooー(;_;)

i may had dropped it on the road or left it in the yakiniku restaurant
or put it into the wrong bag and got thrown away ………(._.)

someone please find it!!!(>_<)

in my teary and shocked state i went on to buy the brown hat
★( ̄ω ̄)

i hope i do not lose this one too (´Д`)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Roppongi Hills☆

after the event, it was dinner time for all the authorized personnel ♪♪♪

we headed to the Roppongi Hills's 51st floor☆

it felt special as the restaurant were booked for the VIPs ~( ̄ω ̄)☆

the scenaries from the 51st floor are breath taking!!
the Tokyo tower looks so pretty ~☆☆☆

it's time for some delicious drinks ♪

i drank champagne which i usually will have difficulty in drinking in☆

and i down another glass of frozen strawberry margarita☆

all this adultly flavour were delicious =^ェ^=

today was like a dream (o^-^o)

i'll try my best to get used to all the adult taste/flavour (o^-’)b


i walked the red carpetー!!!!!!!

it felt greatー(≧▽≦)!!!

while walking the red carpet,
alot of people where shouting 『ami chan!』,
and there were countless flashes!!!

it really felt greatttt (●^o^●)

i will be talking more about this experience online ~♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

later during the reception party,
i met up with director Oda who shot「Aiyai Aiyai!」's PV★

the red carpet☆

everyone's either wearing tuxedo or kimono,
from now on i'll be walking the red carpet☆

20 years of my life,
this is one of the most important experience in it and i'm so enjoying it (o^-’)b

i'm so excited/nervous (+_+)★


i wore a kimono☆

don't i looked more matured in it!!!

why did i wear a kimono?
that because i went to Roppongi Keyakisaka
for the Tokyo international movie festival (≧▽≦)

thinking about it, its too bad i wasn't in any of the movies...

i felt like saying "why am i not in any of the movies!!!???" ^^;(laugh)

it must be because i've been playing too much Second Life!!!

i'm now ready to go to Roppongi (^^)/~~~

Friday, October 19, 2007


the people from 『ごちゃ金』 had tasted it☆

there were many different comments about it, especially about how delicious the cake was ^^;

i personally thought it was delicious though~(;_;)(laugh)

i'll try making it in a different style next time (^・^)Chu♪

it's ready!!!

it's ready baked☆

don't you think it looks super delicious!!!???

i managed to bake it well ( ̄ω ̄)☆

this is the most good looking cake i have ever made♪♪

the people from the radio program 『ごちゃまぜ!金スペ』,
that i had became a regular in, will be able to taste it =^ェ^=

it's good to make others happy☆


in goes the cake batter into the oven☆

this is the most exciting/nervous period (>_<)

it has to be properly baked (>д<)
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