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Sunday, July 13, 2008

time to rest★

halfway during tidying up

i went for a breather with my niece to the convenience store\(~δ~)/

although we were just buying icecream,

to see my niece holding the basket waiting by the casher

is so cute(●^o^●)

soon she will be able to buy things by herself isnt she!!!

she went out for 『her first errand』(≧▽≦)

by the way,

my first time going out for a shopping was

when im 2 years old~♪♪

isnt that amazing!!!???

Saturday, July 12, 2008

i have watched it☆

id watched 『Ice Age 2』

but i didnt watch part 1^^;(laugh)

i really love watching this kind of animations,

Ice Age

talks about something that is thought-provoking(>_<;)

global warming is really scary topic(+_+)

although its only an animation, but they really thought deep into it,

it is something to think about(@_@)

because of that, as a human being

the home for the animals are disappearing!!!???

this isnt good↓↓↓

someday our home may disappear too(u_u)o〃

we must do our best now!!!

for the animals and our sake☆☆

i didnt watch Ice Age 1 this time too\(~δ~)/

Friday, July 11, 2008


yup yup!!

i bought a souvenir from Okinawa for myself☆

its this☆

『ちゅら玉』★ (churadama)

mine is for those who are born in September(o^-^o)

its pretty isnt it☆☆

it shines in the dark(≧▽≦)

so how do you find this souvenir from Okinawa???(^o^)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ive arrived!!!


ahh!!i got it wrong!!!

tadaimaa(im back)~♪♪(laugh)

ive arrived in Tokyo★

as expected, its cooler here compare to Okinawa(^.^)☆

although the Okinawa this time is the best、

i want to go there privately next time~(u_u)o〃☆

those who are having their summer holiday

do make a visit to Okinawa ok♪♪♪

it was fun☆

its time to say goodbye to Okinawa, it was fun(>_<;)

it was a filming where everything we did were fun♪♪♪

only for one thing

ive got it~,


my body and face

scalp's sunburn

are really painful(;_;)

its so painful i dont want to do anything to my hair↓↓↓

can someone heal the sunburn on my scalp please(>_<;)(laugh)

with this, im heading back home★

its finished♪

all the filmings were done♪♪♪

im with Tetsuji-san and Mouri-san and the rest are

Nankai Candy's Yamasato-san

Nishikino Akira-san o(^ヮ^)o

what are we filming that im so interested in???(>ε<;)

the answer is……

『南パラZ』☆☆☆ (minami para Z)

its a really great filming

please look forward to the airing of the show ok(≧▽≦)


time to pack up and head back home=^ェ^=

famous personality!!!?

after the talk filming had ended,

the next will be the last filming=^ェ^=

with that, someone incredible appeared(≧▽≦)

from oversea

its Jack Sparrow(^・^)Chu♪

as i looked at him

his expression doesnt change

his really cool~(笑)

lets head for the last filming★

ive lost↓↓↓

ive lost to the heat

so the hairstyle i chosen is this(>_<;)


i cant stand the heat!!!(laugh)

as it is Okinawa

it will be pineapple(o^-’)b

hatsumei bijin to pineapple~♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

next is☆

we are back in the hotel★

next will be a filming of a talk

my costume is this=^ェ^=

i will think of the hairstyle later♪♪♪

the filming up until now

i really didnt wear any makeup at all

so i will properly put on my makeup later\(~δ~)/(laugh)

look forward to my hairstyle★

first thing in the morning!!!

its just before 8am

the first filming had ended☆(laugh)

well~it was great(≧▽≦)

as i cant say what we did,

we went to have a look at 〇〇's cave★

↑do you understand that??(^.^)

its one of the best in Okinawa(o^-^o)

what will we be doing next♪♪♪


the shooting started from 5.30am!!!

its earlier than gravure shoot(;□;)!!(laugh)

even the hotel is awake(;□;)!!(laugh)


because its really fun stuffs that we are doing

im not sleepy at all(o^-^o)

with that, im heading for the shoot★

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


to those who have never come to Okinawa before

do come and get an amulet★(laugh)

shisa feat. aMinii


its meal time between the filming♪♪

Okinawa's foods are delicious★★


the red potato tempura was great(≧▽≦)

because i love potato,

i finished it all up☆☆

for dessert is wine vinegar flavored softcream★

its alittle sour

its great for me as im dont really like it too sweet(o^-^o)

it ends here today☆

the day was really fun=^ェ^=


im appearing in a show together with

shampoo heart's Tetsuji-san and gallop's Mouri-san☆

we were enjoying ourself in Okinawa

during the filming♪♪♪

and later,


i went to buy a pair of Crocs★

the color matches my clothing

its white☆

when i get back to Tokyo

i will buy lot of the

Crocs accessories which you are attach on o(^ヮ^)o

guys have you get your Crocs yet???

it was fun☆

my work is done★

the shower that we used was from


the ones by the beach★

what we did there is a secret♪

but, water sports are really strenuous isnt it!!!

just doing alittle of it

makes me tired and hungry(+_+)(laugh)

too beautiful!!!!

how is it!!!?

this sea☆

its incredible isnt it(≧▽≦)

it really raises one's spirit doesnt it♪♪

once the preparation was done

time for work\(~δ~)/

my hair was tie up high in twin tail♪♪

its a hairstyle for easy movement↑↑

as expected^^;

im so busy that i can hardly update my blog(>_<)

but、because i took alot of pictures

i will upload them one at a time☆



its over 30degree and the sun was glaring!!!

summer is the best isnt it★★


i was so excited last night that i couldnt sleep(>_<)

why? you ask………

im going to Okinawa(≧▽≦)

although its for work、、、somehow?(laugh)


its for not gravure\(~δ~)/

its for tv☆

as it been a long time for me

im really happy~(o^-^o)

because the schedules are tight

the only thing i can do is to update my blog isnt it♪♪♪

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


i had looked at the comments

regarding 『不動産王』 (property king) and

my nails

im really glad(≧▽≦)

thank you very much★

im really sorry for not replying the comments recently↓↓

although i had read all the comments,

but i dont have the time to write the replies(>_<)

please forgive me(;_;)

by the way this is how my nails looked like!!!

5 colors with hologram、

heart charms are pasted on it★

the colors give a summer feel to it=^ェ^=

to the ladies

i would recommend this nails to you♪♪

because it summer right~

lets become flashy↑↑↑↑(laugh)

Monday, July 7, 2008


today is tanabata isnt it☆

the marks have been place on the bamboo,

all the wishes are written in it★

what i should write for my wish

maybe it will be 『my hair to quickly grow longer』!!(laugh)

guys what will you wish for???(≧▽≦)

and then、for today's 『不動産王』 (property king)

i have gotten

new nails

new clothes♪♪♪

i want to see it too o(^ヮ^)o

Sunday, July 6, 2008

im home☆

when i came back home after shopping

my elder sister borrowed a very appealing DVD!!!

what is it?

anime 『あした天気になあれ』 (atashi tenki ni naare)

wuu~its really appealing(^・^)Chu♪

although i really like this manga

i have never seen the anime before!!!

the opening has begin!!

im going to concentrate on it(o^-’)b

so cute☆

thanks for the hardwork☆

its lunch time!!!

although we went to the sushi restaurant in the hotel、

talking about it

its really expensive(+_+)

its a figure that i cant afford to eat by myself ^^;(laugh)

eating the delicious sushi、

i bought the dolphin softtoys

im really satisfied☆


i will be going out to buy some clothes(^-^)ノ~~


with that、

i have become the dolphin cheering group Ishuto's team leader☆

Ishuto-kun is the only whale in Shinagawa Aqua Stadium

and its really cool(≧▽≦)

those who never come here before

do pay a visit here during the summer holidays、

and please join the dolphin cheering group♪♪♪

after the press conference


i get to touch Ishuto-kun(o^-^o)

im really happy★★

its my dream to touch a dolphin or whale=^ェ^=

no matter where you touch、

it felt like

egg plant!!!!!


once you touch them you will understand why it feels like egg plant(o^-’)b

you can actually go and touch them during your visit

so do go and touch and feel them★

ahh~it was fun

i feel so blessed

and that was my day(u_u)o〃☆

good morning★

i came to the Shinagawa Aqua Stadium in the morning☆

its for the annoucement from the dolpines cheering group\(~δ~)/

im glad to be able to do this annoucement★

later, although there will be a 10minutes meeting

im really sleepyー(;□;)

from the hotel to the waiting room

places where it is cozy

i will fall asleep!!!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

thanks for the hardwork☆

the 2nd filming have ended too☆

as expected, Kansai's programmes' recording are more fun(≧▽≦)

they are daring and i love it=^ェ^=

although i didnt really do much in Osaka,

i will be back again♪♪

my hairstyle for the 2nd filming was this☆

it really matched well with the one piece dress right(^_-)

with that,

bye bye Osaka(^-^)ノ~~

from now on★

as there will be 2 filming,

im really stucked at what to do with my hair(+_+)

its good to try something new right!!??

with that,

lets try to do a curly twin tails(≧▽≦)

my first try!!!

how is it???(^.^)

as i seldom curl my hair

its alittle ticklish near my neck^^;

what hairstyle should i do for the 2nd filming?\(~δ~)/

good morning☆

i came to Osaka★

as there will be a recording for a show today♪♪

the show which i'd went before

its 『なんぼDEなんぼ』★ (nanbo DE nanbo)

with that, Osaka is really warm isnt it!!!

its much warmer than Tokyo(>_<)

as Osaka is south of Tokyo,

does that means its nearer to the equator??

Friday, July 4, 2008

best 3!!!

as im alittle hungry

im getting crepe♪♪♪

with that,

aMi Blog's usual practice's the Crepe Blog\(~δ~)/(laugh)

im going to tell you the best 3 crepe that i like now!!!

☆3rd place
strawberry chocolate

☆2nd place
banana chocolate almond

☆1st place
banana chocolate

they are really simple arent they???(laugh)

guys what kind of crepe do you like???(o^-^o)


Long-Shot-Party came to our show as guest♪♪

the great thing about it was that Long-Shot-Party and Drum・Pon are

both fans of mine(o^-^o)

its really great to be liked by people of same trade isnt it(≧▽≦)

we are going to surprise Pon★

to find out what will happen, do tune in to 10th July's FM Osaka ok♪♪♪

i took the picture with the vocal Sasaji-san\(~δ~)/


yup yup!!!

recently、i've met some wonderful people☆☆☆

that was、

i was riding my bicycle、

and while im changing my gear

the chain came out↓↓

i tried to fix it myself、while i was panicking

『do you need any help??』

2 young salarymen called out to me

they were in their suits、and just had a great drink

with their hands totally black

they fixed the chain↑↑↑

getting help from complete strangers who were willing to get their hands dirty

arent they the most wonderful people ever!!!???

although i only said thank you very much to them☆

im really very glad about it(o^-^o)

there really are people with good hearts out there☆☆☆

i really respect them(u_u)o〃♪

Thursday, July 3, 2008


i went to SOFFet's live concert with my close friends♪♪

we were drinking alcoholic drinks while watching the concert,

its really great!!!

we were able to listen to our favourite songs♪♪

more than anything,

its great to see all the fans enjoying themselves(o^-^o)

the songs and performances were able to bring happiness to others

its really great isnt it o(^ヮ^)o

recently i've being saying

can i bring happiness to you guys?

it really makes me feel uneasy about it(>_<)

perhaps it isnt good for me to say this kind of things↓↓

please forget about my personal thought(laugh)


SOFFet's live concert was

really great and fun(≧▽≦)

i wish to go again★★

conveyor belt!!

i went for conveyor belt sushi☆

this time i managed to eat 10 plates(o^-’)b

because i cant eat wasabi

『〇〇 without wasabi please!!』

i have to say that everytime↓↓

actually when i eat

i dont eat those that are on the conveyor belt^^;(laugh)

they should really put some sushi without wasabi on the conveyor belt(>_<)

when will i be able to eat wasabi!!!???

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

close friend☆

i went for the recording of

『case station』

the fortune teller Maho-sensei came to visit us again

we are all close to each other(≧▽≦)

we promised to have a meal together again sometime↑↑↑

i have to quickly plan one\(~δ~)/

i wonder if the next meeting for a meal

will we ask Yanagihara-san out!!!??

(↑those who watch case station will understand(laugh))

im looking forward to it~★★★


i went to the recording of

『Tokito aMi's Virtual Radio Walker』♪♪

we will be uploading to YouTube again today☆

what will the contents be

you will have to watch it from YouTube

and listen to my radio show ok♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

it felt weird today too★(laugh)

and later,

our guest is the young president's Chris-san♪♪

what will we be doing?

check it out on the radio!!!

by the way, how young is him………

1 year younger than me(@_@)

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