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Sunday, July 6, 2008


with that、

i have become the dolphin cheering group Ishuto's team leader☆

Ishuto-kun is the only whale in Shinagawa Aqua Stadium

and its really cool(≧▽≦)

those who never come here before

do pay a visit here during the summer holidays、

and please join the dolphin cheering group♪♪♪

after the press conference


i get to touch Ishuto-kun(o^-^o)

im really happy★★

its my dream to touch a dolphin or whale=^ェ^=

no matter where you touch、

it felt like

egg plant!!!!!


once you touch them you will understand why it feels like egg plant(o^-’)b

you can actually go and touch them during your visit

so do go and touch and feel them★

ahh~it was fun

i feel so blessed

and that was my day(u_u)o〃☆

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