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Friday, February 29, 2008


i went for the recording of 『最強デュエット歌合戦』☆ (The Strongest Duet Singing Competition)

although i went to this show before,

this time my partner has changed, and we formed a surprising group★(o^-’)b

i cant say the result, i wonder if our practice did us good♪♪♪

the rehearsal that i was talking about, was actually did for today☆

and the clothings are cute too, do look forward to it ok(o^-^o)

Thursday, February 28, 2008


im going to the recording of 『所さんの学校では教えてくれないそこんトコロ!』 now☆ (Tokoro-san's learn things you wont learn in school here!)

i will do my best while eating the gummy Anpan-man i bought yesterday

Anpan-chi ι(◎д◎)ノヾ

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


after watching the play, i dash straight to my friend's house!!!

you must be thinking why, my friend from hometown is turning 20years old tomorrow☆

my hometown pal is the last person to have her birthday☆

the plan is………

we gate crashed the birthday girl's one-man home!!

friend→『What is it??』
everyone→『Happy Birthdayー!!!』

our presents are cake and Decor-Bottle☆

without asking, the pizza we had ordered have arrived★

friend→『hey? where is Tokito??』
everyone→『she cant come due to work!!』

minutes later

friend→『you came after work??!! thank you☆』

something not possible happens………m(__)m

although its good that the presents are given out,

during the cutting of the cake,

『someone said Tokito hates cream so dont give her any cake!!!』



SKY(someone who cant read the mood) said that↓↓↓(laugh)

as im being left out, i ate 2 slices of pizza alone!!!(laugh)

as expected that im quite a shrewed person when im with my close friends^^;(laugh)

for those who stayed over, we took a bath, chat and then sleep★

close friends are the bestー♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪


i'd watched 『カリフォルニア物語』!!! (California Story)

its played by , Nitta Hirokazu-san who acted with me during the first leader of a theatrical company times and Nakagawa Shingo who acted with me in 『すけだち』 (Suketachi) (o^-^o)

its great that the rest of the actors who participates in this stage play are fantastic too☆

they not only act about Love・Friendship, but sings about it too>^_^<

im really impressed♪♪♪

by the way, Nitta-kun is cross dressing☆(^.^)

from now☆

i went to the recording of my regular radio show 『時東ぁみのバーチャルレディオウォーカー』♪ (Tokito aMi's Virtual Radio Walker)

this time somehow!!!

using virtual walker as theme,
with No-Button, Okameru-san and i were greatly received(o^-’)b

look forward to it★

its been a long time since i watched a stage play, im going over to watch now(^-^)ノ~~

the show is called 『カリフォルニア物語』★ (California Story)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


im having the rehearsal and clothings fitting session for the tv programme today too♪♪♪

as im wearing cute looking clothings, i want you guys to quickly see it soon☆(≧▽≦)

although the picture is from another day,
recently i've been thinking that im full of happiness~ when im eating!!!(laugh)

isnt that a great smile!!!???>^_^<

by the way, its the 2nd bento that im having(o^-’)b

i ate too much didnt i ^^;

Monday, February 25, 2008

behind me………

i got a new pair of spectaclesー☆

i changed my black frames to brown(^.^)v

i searched around alot, and decided on a pair of 1000yen brown color small frame spectacles★

theres a black shadow behind me……(;□;)!!


i went to the recording of 『大胆MAP』☆ (bold MAP)

its been a long time since i had this nostalgic hair style>^_^<

as my hair has grown, except for the front, it does look alittle matured★

do look forward to it~♪♪

Sunday, February 24, 2008


the meeting for the tv programme had ended♪

with the meeting ended, im going for the singing rehearsal(^.^)v

you must be thinking "what kind of programme is it!!!???" right^^;

i cant say it yet, so i will talk about it after the recording ok☆

i wanted to have something sweet during my travelling so i bought Imagawa-yaki(≧▽≦)

but, why is it called 『Imagawa』????

Tai-yaki is called Tai-yaki because it is shaped like a Tai(sea bream)……

Imagawa-yaki is shaped like a Imagawa???(laugh)

can someone tell me whyー(;□;)!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

thanks for the hardwork☆

『春の時東祭り』 reallys brought up the mood wasnt it(≧▽≦) (Tokito's spring festival)

for those who participated in this event, thank you very much☆(o^-^o)

as its has been a long time since i did a live,
as expected live is the besttttt(●^o^●)♪♪♪

this time, im wearing the clothings from my first live,
im so blessed to be able to sing alot of songs from my indies period★

what should i wear for the next event on the 15th of March~???>^_^<

please look forward to the songs' order too ok♪

im glad that you all like the handmade(?) canape☆☆

im hungry★

after the rehearsal had ended, its time for food♪♪♪

drinking the Yakult i bought from the convenience store
im going to eat the food prepared for today's event first\(~δ~)/

the food here always taste so delicious(o^-’)b

guys please wait alittle more ok☆

after the meal, time to get changed!!!

so~ what kind of clothings will it be???(^.^)

good morning☆

im heading towards the fan club event area now(^.^)

im so excited~(≧▽≦)↑↑↑

i really want to quickly meet up with you guys♪♪

for the event, i changed my nails, do have a look at them when we have a handshake ok★

seeya later~(^-^)ノ~~

Friday, February 22, 2008

its live☆

from now, im going to be performing in NHK BS2's『Shibuya Deep A』 o(^ヮ^)o

its live telecast★

there is a corner where the viewers can participate in,
by all means please participate in it(o^-’)b

the result from this corner will determine who gets the punishment game,
so thanks for your support!!!(laugh)

im going for the rehearsal♪♪♪

Thursday, February 21, 2008


im doing the rehearsal for the 23rd fan club event☆ 

today no matter what i have to sing isnt it~(≧ε≦)

i know that i have to sing, but i still havent decide on the MC part(ToT)

this is bad~!!!

i should quickly decide on it right★

what should i talk about~????

what do you guys want to hear me talk about???(laugh)

my head is empty now, so i should decide on it tomorrow(>_<)b

look forward to it~♪♪♪

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


now im going for 『チャレンジステーション』's live telecast☆ (challenge station)

before that its time for Jagabee★


it broke aparttttttι(◎д◎)ノヾ

i cant do it well as my blood type is O♪♪(laugh)

do you know!!???

i wonder if guys know about it???(^.^)


its been decided that starting from April, i will be casting in BS Fuji's drama called 『スミレ16歳』(≧▽≦)☆ (Sumire 16 years old)


im really happy as its my favourite manga(^・^)Chu♪

although its still early for me to tell how it will be like, i think it will be a drama that will entertain everybody★

do look forward to it(o^-^o)

but, there is 1 thing that i feel anxious about………

Sumire 16 years old

16 years old


20 years old

its bad isnt(>д<)(laugh)

from now i have to become younger!!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

thanks for the hardwork☆

its finished♪♪

its was a fun recording(≧ε≦)☆

it will be broadcast next week, its a show done well by Sone★
please do watch it>^_^<

seeya Abebe and Daisuke-san~(^-^)ノ~~


its break time for the recording☆

its really cold doing the recording in a restaurant~(>ε<)

we cant use the heater as it will create a noise↓↓

using 5 hand warmers, i will do my best for the rest of the recording★


now im going for the recording of 『ギャル曽根世界を喰う!!アジア完食スペシャル』☆ (Gyaru Sone eats the world!! Finished eating Asia Special)

im happy to be able to go to Sone's show, but im even more happy when im joined by Abebe and Miyakawa Daisuke-san(≧▽≦)↑↑

as we will be recording the show in a restaurant, im wearing dressy clothes☆

i wonder if it looks a little bit matured★

normally people will wear a skirt with it,
but because im small in-built, its OK that im wearing it as an one-piece (o^-’)b(laugh)

this one-piece looks cute right♪♪

as its getting warm, im going to buy one-piece dresses(o^-^o)

im going for the recording now(^-^)ノ~~

Monday, February 18, 2008


its great that my family finally bought the Wii Fit last year☆

at first, i wanted to have my weight and BMI checked to find out my physical age


physical age →20years old

i did it(≧▽≦)v

im so glad~♪♪♪

but, im advised to reduce my weight alittle more

so i think im going to lose 2 kg in 1 month(o^-’)b

Sunday, February 17, 2008


i want to scream when i think of it!!!(>д<)

im talking about my beloved decorated handphone's main part, 『the big heart』 broke off………

it broke on my bed……


my tears came out(;_;)

i have to quickly get it fix(>_<)

Saturday, February 16, 2008


the radio show that im a regular in 『ごちゃまぜ!金スペ』(ochamase! kinsupe)'s studio
had changed to a new place☆

its incredible!!!

its in a high rise building's 28th floor(@_@)

we can see Tokyo tower and Roppongi Hills through the windows★

i was so touched by it that i took a picture for you guys(^O^)

lets make a clean start!!
i think it we will have an enjoyable talk there(o^-’)b


i just did a photoshoot right??!

as its a house studio, how come there is silver color in the background??????


they are doggy's bowl!!!

its really orignal isnt it(@_@)

i really think the person who thought of this is a genius~☆☆

this helps to make the photoshoot looks cool★


its not only photo taking, but there was also an interview♪♪♪

its Zwei's Megu-san☆

she is a person who really likes me, she even came to my previous live concert(≧▽≦)♪

im really glad☆☆☆

to be liked by someone of same sex is fantastic isnt it>^_^<

she wanted to watch my live concert in June, so she is coming to the concert♪♪♪


its finished☆

somehow, honestly

the photoshoot was super cool (o^-’)b(laugh)

even i said it myself,

i'd become a new Tokito aMi☆☆☆

clothings and makeup, can really change a person isnt it!!

although you can see it,
the mood and feeling during the photoshoot were totally different(u_u)o〃★

it was fun♪♪♪

the free lance magazine is called 『VINYL SYNDICATE』☆

do look forward to it♪♪

its done!!

this is how it looks like~☆☆☆

how is it???>^_^<

with this, im going for the photoshoot and article coverage★

im transforming!!!!

from now on, im doing something for the free-lance magazine☆

furthermore, its not only a free-lance Magazine!!!

also a Visual Kei's Magazine★

its the first time for Tokito aMi to challenge Visual Kei(o^-’)b

im so looking forward to it(≧▽≦)

Friday, February 15, 2008


im practicing so the 23rd's fan club event♪

as there will be songs that i havent sing in awhile, im brushing up by watching my live DVD(^O^)

seeing the past, i can see alot of meanings and things have grown☆

i will try my best to brush up(>_<)b

ahh~i want to quickly do the event☆☆☆

aMi Blog Magazine★

this time is the green swim wear used by Young Magazine☆

other than the ones used there are also these poses o(^ヮ^)o

im on top of a hand rail in a cafe liked place☆

there were alot of customers inside, its so embarrassing(+_+)

Thursday, February 14, 2008



guys☆did you spent a fun and lovely valentine????(^・^)Chu♪

or even better, party and go wild with your friends??(≧▽≦)

or even better...


spend it by yourself??( ̄▽ ̄)(laugh)

infact, i have friends who are lonesome↓↓(laugh)

this time's valentine i made soft cookies and crunky chocolate,
and gave them out to the staffs(o^-’)b

all of them said its delicious★

and then and then, something big happened today that i must telllll!!!


i have completed the puzzle test's puzzle♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

honestly。。。 it was difficult^^;(laugh)

i think i will be able to show it on the next 『チャレンジステーション』 (challenge station)
do look forward to it ok★

aMi Blog Magazine☆

this photo that was used by Young Magazine

actually, it was taken on a table near the poolside★

it is a bad manner to do that, so dont ever try it ok^^;

i dont know why the bottom down wasnt shot, its our secret ok!!!(o^-’)b

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

how does it work!!??

verifiying the puzzle……………

i really trying my best!!!!

but, there are 5 pieces for the start piece here(+_+)

how does it work(@_@)!!!

there are alot of possibilities right!!!(laugh)

i will use the one that feel most at home(in the puzzle) m(__)m

aMi Blog Magazine♪

today is the light blue swim wear featured in the telephone card which is given as a present☆

the shape of this swim wear is favourited by many right =^ェ^=

guys how is it, when you look at the present♪(laugh)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

☆aMi Blog Magazine☆

today is this!!!

Young Magazine's green swim wear's Offshot☆

Paris is really warm(´Д`)

because of that, my face had became like this↓↓(laugh)

they cant put this strange face in Young Magazine thats why……… its here right☆(laugh)

i've decided!!!

i've decided the songs for the fan club event~♪

(^o^)//"""""""clap clap

i really put alot of thought in it☆

there will be songs that i havent sing for quite some time☆

which songs will they be………


i will give a hint

there will be 3 MC!!!

its so easy to find out!!!(laugh)

well~, no brainer Tokito aMi had tried her best in thinking about it,
please go wild(●^o^●)♪

Monday, February 11, 2008

first meeting☆


im back in Tokyo♪

from now im going for a radio recording☆

its a programme from NACK5 called 『Jack in the box!』, its a programme hosted by Nightmare for 5 years♪♪♪

although it has been around for 5 years, its my first time as guest >^_^<

im so happy★

lets go for the recording♪♪

Hitsugi-san and YOMI-san were there, they were so sweet(≧▽≦)

our conversation contents are……

No-Button's silly talks。。。(laugh)

it will be broadcast on the 20th, do look forward to it★

something that im happy about is that i received Nightmare-san's album

im going to listen to it♪♪♪(^o^)

aMi Blog Magazine☆

today, its this!!!

actually there was also this swim wear☆

although its a bikini, there are ribbons connecting it making it look like a one-piece♪♪

i really wanted to see this one by all means(>_<)

live broadcast☆

did you watched 『なるトモ!』!!?? (naru tomo!)

last time i did went to this show before, so this was my second time★

everyone were really funny right(≧▽≦)

i laughed alot★

with this, im going back to Tokyo(^-^)ノ~~

Sunday, February 10, 2008


i went for the recording of 『ナンボDEなんぼ』☆ (nanbo DE nanbo)

as expected Osaka's shows are different from Tokyo's isnt it~!!!

i learned alot of things from there(o^-’)b

do look forward to the broadcast☆

tomorrow i will be in 『なるトモ!』♪ (naru tomo!)

do watch it ok★

milk journey☆5

i ate it deliciously as i hold it with my hand☆

the next moment!!!


its broke due to my grip(;□;)!!

what a shockkkk↓↓↓

well, i guess its ok as the taste didnt change♪♪♪

all very well☆all very well★

and, with that the 『milk journey show house』 has ended★

*i deliciously ate all the sorbet!!


milk journey☆4

after all this had happened

the sorbet became watery

the cone bowl split open(@_@)

the shape of the bowl still remains~

what a pity↓↓↓

but, i wont lose!!!

as the shape still remains

i will use my hand to hold and eat it~\(~δ~)/
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