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Sunday, May 11, 2008

☆mother's day☆

and then,

today is mother's day isnt it★

to all the mothers in the world

thank you very much!!!

you are always washing our clothes and cleaning the house

having to do all this tiring work

we are really thankful for it o(^-^)o

the mother's day this year

we got a bouquet delivered to our house☆

and of course

its attached with a message card♪♪

『thanks for everything☆because im a selfish daughter、please continue to take care of me!although im always busy and we dont have much time together、i love you☆』

with that!!

i was really embarrassed while writing that(>д<)

by the way、we got it delivered

but we are all living under the same roof isnt it^^;

because it for a surprise♪♪♪

my mother looks overjoyed

she placed it in the middle of the table=^ェ^=

you dont have to do something special just on mother's day、

you should treat everyday just like mother's day isnt it(>_<)

guys what did you do on mother's day~???(^.^)
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