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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

during spare time☆

the time inbetween the first and second sessions

i went out from the reading area

and went for a walk♪

there are alot of picture books isnt it(@_@)

there are those that i know off,

reading them will bring a smile to your face isnt it☆

there is also a corner for you to make your own picture book

im going to challenge the frog!!!

coloring it

cutting it

sticking it

with just these steps

the hurdles were high(;□;)!!(laugh)

as there are alot of children slowly coming from all around me(>_<)

i took sometime to complete it★

the frog i made was good but

my manager's bear was a failure???!

no matter how you open it

it will be kneeling^^;(laugh)

its really funny↑↑↑

its about time for the second session♪

wearing the EHON JAPAN's staff T-shirt

im going off\(~δ~)/
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