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Friday, March 14, 2008

stage play☆

after a recording i went to watch a stage play called 『中野ブロンディーズ』☆ (Nakano Blondies)

there are Takuma Seiko-san who acted in 『すけだち』(Suketachi) with me,
and Ochiai Yurika-san who participated in the 『チャレンジステーション』>^_^< (challenge station)

the others are, Hasegawa Momo-chan who appeared in 『ピウ゛ォ・ガール』 (pivo girl) with me,
and Ririan-san together with alot of others whom i know of↑↑☆

as its a story about friendship・youth, more than anything

everyone sure is cute(≧▽≦)

i did alot of cheering for them♪♪

as expected Takuman is really good at acting and singing =^ェ^=

they really did their best★

i really want to get up the stage again >^_^<
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