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Sunday, March 23, 2008

drama→miss magazine

from today on we will be doing a drama which is planned for the grandqueen

but the weather is getting bad

and it is postpone to tomorrow~(;_;)

you can tell that the other participants have all participated in the grandqueen before right!!

with that,

we did it at an unexpected time,

the gathering of miss magazines★

the members are

2004☆Yamasaki Mami-chan

2005☆Katou Rie-chan

2006☆Kurashina Kana-chan☆MAtsui Erina-chan

as expected miss magazines are the best(≧▽≦)

we are friends who can talk just about anything♪

tomorrow we will be doing the grandqueen

i think i will put in effort and do my best(o^-’)b
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