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Friday, March 21, 2008


the regular radio show that has been taking good care of me for half a year

『ごちゃまぜ 金スペ!』(gochamase kinsupe!)

im going to graduate from the show after today's recording m(__)m

although half a year is consider short,

i have become good friends with Arino-san, Hamaguchi-san,
Katou Kazuki-kun and Ookubo Mariko-chan, it was really fun☆

i tried my best to talk within the group, it was a good experience(o^-^o)

Katou-kun took the picture for us★

i got a bouquet of flowers from the staffs,
a shachihoko Monchhichi from Katou-kun for white valentine,
mickey chocolate from Hamaguchi-san, Shouchikugeinou's envelope from Arino-san (laugh) (≧▽≦)

we went for a meal together, it was fun♪d(⌒〇⌒)b♪

to the listeners who have been listening to me for half a year☆
thank you very much(u_u)o〃♪
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